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About Anita McLachlan

Anita McLachlan

At the helm of Sequins and Sand for the past 7 years, Anita has learned a thing or two about what women want and how they feel about getting ready for their precious summer holidays. And it's the 'how they feel' about getting summer ready that she's most passionate about. Helping women who have lost their confidence and in particular their cossie confidence, find the courage and the right swimsuit to get them off the sidelines and diving into truly enjoying their summer, is what gives her enormous joy and purpose.

But it's not all swimsuits and kaftans. Married to the military, moving every 2-3 years and with two gorgeous children, family matters the most to this devoted Mum. In fact, having an online business that could move with her wherever and whenever she did was one of the drivers for setting up Sequins and Sand.

Change is the biggest constant in her life and she thrives on it. Having been a radiographer, project manager (among other things in the retail property development arena), being an online entrepreneur is just another town on her journey so far with plenty on the drawing boards for the years ahead. Seeing more of the world will be a big part of that.

Articles by Anita McLachlan

Hello ADRIFT! New Travel Basics & Gorgeous Dresses | Sizes 10-22!

Adrift. New to S&S. It just makes sense. We are neighbours here in Brisbane and we are both passionate about helping girls of all shapes and sizes boost their confidence and feel fantastic.

Win a Sunscreen & Rashie from Natural Supply Co and Sequins and Sand

March is about Melanoma awareness and fund raising here at Sequins and Sand. Our mates over at Natural Supply Co have joined us to offer a UPF50+ Rashie and 100% natural Sunscreen pack to give away! Share your Sun Safe tip to join in and win!
Thanks girls! Good luck.

Thank You! We Raised $1100+ for Melanoma Research & Emma!

March was all about Melanoma here at S&S. Raising awareness and much needed funds for research - to eradicate this horrid cancer and to give those who have it, more time.

Swimwear CLEARANCE Time!

It's Swimear CLEARANCE time at S&S and that means getting great swimsuits at ridiculous prices!

Capriosca Swimwear for All Shapes and Sizes

Capriosca Swimwear is an Australian label that takes pride in offering different cuts for all shapes and sizes, up to a 30. Inspired by an Italian summer this season's prints are stunning, colours coastal bright and sunset soft. Trusty favourite styles are back with a few new ones added too! As always, they've been thoughtfully designed with different body shapes in mind. All are available in sizes 10-22 with some up to a 30 and a G cup too.

Holiday, Brave & True, Talisman + Shanty - Dresses, Kaftans and Maxi's!

HOLIDAY, TALISMAN, SHANTY and BRAVE AND TRUE. Rayna and the team have introduced amazing fabric, new prints that will blow you away and in styles that are relaxed chic on a stick. At home or away you will feel fabulous in new HOLIDAY.

New MIST is in! Just beautiful. Limited Collection. S-XL

Mist. It's loved very deeply by its devotees and very sought after here at Sequins and Sand. This year, the unique prints are just as beautiful and the colours are stunning. Summer dresses in soft pinks and blues mix it up with lush tropical greens! Yep, I think this is the first time we've had a black based Mist dress in store!

NEW Summer Swimwear has Landed! Hello Curvy!

Summer 2016/17 has begun with the arrival of new swimwear and it's Curvy!

Everyday Sun Smart Fashion UPF 20-50+ :: Made in Australia.

When most people think about sun protection, the first thing that comes to mind is a bottle of sunscreen. When we head out to the pool and beach, we throw on a rashie. But this amazing range of clothing goes well beyond that. Here's how.

10 Ship Tips: What To Wear and How to Prepare for the Perfect Summer Cruise

Thanks Jan. Getting ready for your summer cruise is not that unlike a resort holiday - perhaps just with more activities on offer, on board and on shore. So think of your ship as a floating resort that occasionally sails into town. Here's our packing guide to staying stylish on the high seas.

10 Ship Tips: What To Wear and How to Prepare for the Perfect Summer Cruise

Getting ready for your summer cruise and no idea what to pack? Think of your ship as a floating resort that occasionally sails into town. Here's our complete packing guide to staying stylish on the high seas.

Packing for 10 days in Fiji

Pack for a humid heat in Fiji and take fabrics that breathe and feel cool on, in styles that allow air flow and are built for comfort and relaxation. Don't skimp on the splash of glam, after all these holidays are precious so why not feel fabulous whilst away!

Cossie Confidence - Helping Women Get In To A Swimsuit & Making Happy Memories

Summer. It’s eagerly anticipated and much loved in Australia. Summer holidays, very precious. Days at the beach, in the pool, a chance to relax and have fun. But for many women, it’s laced with fear, shame and insecurity. This summer, our mission is to get more women feeling fabulous about themselves in a cossie. If they can do that, they have the ticket to enjoying their summers and more importantly, making beautiful memories with their families and friends. And, for themselves. Welcome to CossieConfidence.

Reclaim Your Beach Confidence with a Frump Free Swimdress

Who knew that the swimdress would make a return to Australian swimwear wardrobes? Embrace your shape and just get out there; try one on and see!

The Best Swimsuit Style for Curvy Girls and Busty Beauties

A Crossover One Piece swimsuit is a fabulous all-rounder. A very clever swimwear. An eternal classic for a very good reason. Think crossover dress and you start to get the idea.

My Post Breastfeeding Boobs Are Small and I Need Flattering Swimwear

Natalie contacted us with a dilema recently and it's not uncommon. After breastfeeding her last child, her boobs that served her so well have failed to bounce back. They're flat and floppy. She's off on holiday soon and wants to get swimwear to have a great time away in and wants to know what style she should go for.

What to Pack and How To Wear It :: 7 Nights in Tropical Port Douglas

For some women, throwing a few kaftans and swimsuits together is all it takes but for many, packing for a week away on a tropical holiday is a pain, particularly if you haven't been there before. Port Douglas in Qld's tropical north, is a popular destination particularly in winter. This little Holiday Look Book is your paracetamol and will ease the packing pain by showing you easy looks for every day and night and at the same time, save your summer suitcase from unnecessary overload.

What Tankini is Best for a Big Bust? - Cath

Hello girls! Welcome to the first Ask Anita post where we answer the questions that we're asked often here at Sequins and Sand. This one is about a Tankini and comes from Cath in NSW.

Vietnam Quick Tips | Top 10 Destinations by Travelfish

Whether you're heading off to fabulous Vietnam or returning for more, these quick Top 10 tips are worth checking out, and ticking off. Courtesy of the fab team at Thanks guys!

Vietnam For Beginners | What to Expect and What Not to Miss

Vietnam Holidays must include a sunset cruise floating through Ha Long Bay. Getting measured up for a suit in charming Hoi An, belting through Saigon by cyclo. Trekking in the northern hills of Sapa. Just a few gems of advice from the most amazing team at But wait, there's so much more....

Curvy Swimwear Sizing

Celebrate being a woman in the new home grown Australian swimsuit label, Curvy Swimwear!

Why is Buying a Swimsuit So Hard? It's All About Cossie Confidence

Flabby belly, Ceasar scars, big belly, big boobs, small boobs, wide hips...the list goes on. We all have body bits that we wish were better. And what is regarded as 'a problem' is completely different for everyone. But it's really not the bits that bite us, it's our mindset.

How to Travel with your Hat: It really is a snap!

Don't waste your hard earned cash buying a new sun hat every time you go away. And certainly don't sacrifice your beach holiday look by leaving your much loved wide brim at home. You can travel with a Hat. It really is a snap!

Fiji made easy: What to pack for a fabulous Fiji fling

Planning a break in beautiful Fiji? Breathe-easy fabrics, flowy loose-fitting styles are your friends. Kaftans and summer dresses, the perfect packing partners. Take the humidity in your stride and keep your tropi-cool with these 5 top tips.

How to Pack Light and Right On Your Next Summer Holiday

Do you over pack when taking a summer holiday? Lucky to wear half of what you take and the rest feels like a waste? Hardworking, versatile resort pieces like kaftans and summer dresses are the key. Here's how to bring it all together and do more with less.

Port Douglas and Surrounds - 12 of The Best Places The Locals Love To Eat

Fabulous food, vino and a view makes for a great holiday. Add people you love and a light as air kaftan and you've pretty much got it made. Sometimes though, things can be a bit hit and miss. If you want to eat the best at a good price, then simply go where the locals do. Here's 12 of the best from much loved locals and our fabulous Facebook fans.

Eat, Pray, Frock Up! - What to Pack For A Bali Break With The Girls

Ditch the mum at home and office outfits and loosen up. Take advantage of this precious week away with the girls and frock it up in Bali!

Resortwear Basics: How to choose Swimwear that fits just right

Buying your swimwear online can save huge amounts of time and hassle - but how do you know exactly what size and fit to choose? Use these top tips for finding the perfect piece.

What to Wear on your Resort Island Holiday in Fiji

Traveling to a tropical island means being humidity savvy. Keep your cool and enjoy your break with these 5 top top 'what to wear' tips when packing for your resort getaway.

The Best Holiday Travel Clothes: Travel in Comfort, Arrive in Style!

On the plane or in the lounge. The test of any worthy travel clothing is that it will let you travel in comfort and arrive in style? Travel clothes that won't look crushed but feel luxuriously soft to the touch. Ultra fine cotton knits and super soft jerseys, a must.

Introducing HOLIDAY Designs | Kaftans, Beach and Summer Dresses

Adore summer holidays? Want to live like it's a holiday every day? Well, you can with HOLIDAY, an Australian resort wear label devoted to all things summer; kaftans, dresses, tops and more.

How to Hide Those Winter Wobbly Bits with The Right Kaftan Prints

You don’t have to workout around the clock to get in shape for your short winter-sun break. The right printed kaftans and summer clothes will cleverly mask what lies beneath. Here are 4 simple tips to help you find the right prints. Prints that will have you looking and feeling fab on your quick trip away; no fuss, no bother.

How To Tame a Tummy with a Tankini for Women in Plus Sizes up to a 26!

Flabby bellies aren't a good look but so many of we women have them. If you love the flexibility of swimwear separates, a long line tankini is both clever and stylish and a great swimsuit for taming a tummy.

Get Beach Ready in a Flash with this Beach Bag checklist

Does getting out the door to go to the beach leave you a quivering ball of stress? Ever arrived on the sand to find you've left your towel at home? Kiss goodbye to stressful exits and forgotten sunnies with our no-sweat beach bag checklist.

The best beach wear for Curvy Girls: kaftans, swimwear & prints to make you look fab

Does your curvy figure make you feel self-conscious when summer rolls around? Don't despair. With the right clothes and accessories you can walk tall and reclaim your natural confidence.

The Capriosca Collection: Australian Swimwear with built-in self confidence!

Reclaim your beach confidence this summer. What ever your size or shape, Capriosca Swimwear Australia offers affordable, figure flattering swimsuits, in prints and plains, up to a size 26 and F Cup. This year, the mood is both rich and bright and delicately subdued in florals, intricates and a dash of retro.

Capriosca Swimwear - How To Find THE Best Swimsuit For You

Finding Swimwear with the right fit is so hard. Capriosca Swimwear is thoughtful, styled with real women in mind. Be it a One Piece, Tankini, Bikini or a Swimdress here are top tips for finding that perfect Swimwear piece.

How To Holiday Like an A-Lister by AT

You know we adore Australian Traveller (AT). Kate Perkins finds out how to holiday like the rich and famous, when money is no object and you allow yourself to dream.

The ‘forgotten demographic’: women aged over 35, looking for stylish yet age-appropriate resort wear

The ‘forgotten demographic’, women aged over 35, looking for stylish yet age-appropriate resort wear, is abundantly accommodated at a Brisbane-based retail website. [Press Release]

The best beach wear for big bellies: 3 simple tips for finding the right Bathers

Whether it's the baby bump that never went away or an attack of hormonal high-jinks, taming that tummy with swimwear that fits right is the ticket to looking your best this summer.

Pack Light and Right this summer. 7 simple tips show you how.

Pack light and right for you next summer vacation. These 7 simple tips will help make sure you don't over pack again, and what you do pack, actually works!

Resortwear Basics: 5 Handy Tips - What to pack to keep cool on your next summer escape

Travelling to a warmer climate particularly if it’s a humid one, can take you by surprise if you don’t get it right. Keep your cool with these 5 top tips.

Organise your Summer Holiday in a Snap...Just Tripit!

Summer holidays are eagerly anticipated events. Getting one organised can be time consuming and frustrating. Take the pain away and 'Tripit'. I said "Tripit...Tripit good!"

Lonely Planet's Top Tropical Paradises

Don your silk kaftan and escape to the exotic. How many of these can you tick off your list?

Cruise Holiday Must Do's: Top tips for packing right, for day & night so you can really cruise like a princess

Cruising to a summer place when it's winter is magical. Preparing for one if you've never done it before can be stressful. Top tip..pack the least to look your best. Start with versatile resortwear and a kaftan or two AND never pack anything you couldn't stand losing forever!

Resort Holidays: Family, couples, groups... something for everyone

Easter holidays are a great chance to duck off and get away. Resorts are perfect for a short break. With everything at your finger tips, you won't waste a single precious moment!

10 things to do before you turn 10. Top travel ideas for the family.

Great experiences to share with your kids before they turn 10. Nod knowingly, laugh out loud and pay attention to Dad's Tips in this fantastic article. Thanks Australian Traveller magazine and Dorian Mode, it's an absolute pearler!

Beach Holiday Travel: Leave the city wear at home! Here's the perfect travel wear for a summer break

From the moment you leave home, you should be in beach holiday mode. One of the best ways to get you in the groove, is to wear stylish yet relaxed summer clothing before you get on the plane.

Packing tips for any occasion : 4 rules of a happy suitcase

Does the thought of packing for a trip make you break out in hives? Take the panic out of preparation by following these four simple rules – wherever you're going, and for however long.

Resortwear Basics: What's Your Summer Style? - are you a 'Classic' girl?

A Classic Colour Palette for me immediately evokes images of crisp, cool whites and clean classic lines...sails furling gently in the breeze.


It's reassuring to know that when you shop on the internet, the people you are dealing with are real and are there for you.

Capriosca Swimwear Sizing

Here are my tips for helping to overcome the swimsuit sizing dilemma! We stock Australia's Capriosca Swimwear because we think it's stylish, thoughtfully crafted, great value and the sizing is generally 'true'.

Get the Look

The Healthy Mummy - Noosa With The Girls!

Start your day with a walk on the beach, breakfast in the sun, alfresco lunches walked off by a spot of shopping before sunset drinks and a night under the start. Gotta love Noosa Healthy Mummies!

Port Douglas Escape

Poolside chic. Walks on Four Mile Beach. A Port Douglas getaway is all about good food, great views and relaxing.

Hello Hawaii

Palm trees kissing the sky. Crystal blue water and warm sunny days. Oh and the hoola!

Sail Away to Fiji

Sail away to Fiji. Divine sunsets. Drink cocktails out of coconuts and walk on pristine beaches. Light cotton casuals are the go. A top over bathers then pants for when the wind picks up and night falls. A carry all for that towel and extras. Love. Fiji.
Anita & The Girls xx

A European Escape

Roam the countryside and hide in cafes. No need to think black pants and short sleeve knit revved up with a tiger strip tunic and soft warm wrap scarf. Add your boots and you're done!
Click on the link here for tips on how to bring it together!

Summer Mystery with a Hint of Mint

Mint slice inspired? Maybe. Think rich blacks, chocolates and bronze with a hint of mint to lift and have them begging for more. Black mesh cover-up, black retro onepiece, mint scarf and cuff. Top it off with a black and white hat and a metallic clutch. Stunning!

Blue Summer

Turquoise seas and summer sun. A simple jersey summer dress over swimwear and then out to lunch.

Sunset Dreamer

Island escapes and warm summer night have you out and about, so dress to impress. Kaftan, necklace, slip dress and cuff. Ole!

From Fiji with Love

Fabulous Fiji. Relaxed. Sunny. By the pool. On the reef. Kids are safe and it's time to step out for the night! Kaftan, onepiece, hat, bling and colour!

Luxe Spa & Bar

Step off the plane and hit the tarmac running. Set for a luxury spa day or a cool soothing cocktail at the pool bar.