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Beach to Bush Ladies Day - 27th October - Looking after women in outback NSW.

Anita McLachlan - 13th August 2018

Beach to Bush Ladies Day - 2018
It's quite incredible how life takes on twists and turns. You start out in one place, with a destination in mind, and the path you thought you'd take, takes on a different nature.

In January 2018, when I was planning what I wanted to do with Sequins and Sand and Cossie Confidence, I decided 'to have more fun with it' was going to be by guiding light. So I called Maz (Maz Lifestyle) a wonderful supporter of S&S in a tiny place called Carinda in outback NSW and asked her if she thought I could bring the Beach to the Bush and chat to the local ladies about body confidence in a swimsuit, so they could reclaim their very precious time they got to enjoy themselves. A rare treat indeed. Maz being Maz, thought it was a great idea and started chatting to the local Carinda Sewing Group about it and how we could bring the idea to life.

So back in January, the 27th October (a Saturday) was decided on as the date.

Wind the clock forward, and after months of planning, news of the horrible drought crippling many parts of inland Australia, particularly the Walgett (near Carinda) area, started to make the news; finally...and thankfully. Most of the major TV channels launched into action and have done an amazing job to muster a million or more in $'s to help our farming families and communities.

And what started out as a small gathering in the local hall, me chatting to a group of women and raising money and having fun on the day has now become a Community event with 8-10 local businesses taking part and Sponsors even coming on board to lend a helping hand. Just incredible!

Local press and radio are eager to help out and the Carina Sewing Group is a hotbed of enthusiasm with ideas on how to make this event an incredible experience for the local ladies and ways to raise valuable $'s as well. Much more than they initially imagined. They are nothing short of incredible and brilliantly inspirational.

Maz and I didn't plan on spilling the beans on the Beach to Bush gathering until a little later on, but with the drought getting so much media attention, we thought we should 'strike while the iron was hot' and see if it can be taken to the the next level with the media will hop on board and push it along. Why? So the event can raise more $'s and improve the lives of many, many more.

The focus for Beach To Bush Ladies Day is very much on how we can pamper the local ladies who need time away from their properties, from living the drought every moment of their lives and to take time back for feel relax and have a chat and enjoy.

And funds raised will go to support Drought Angels. A small charity with a big heart, that punches above its weight time and time again, providing food for families and their stock. It takes a very personal approach to caring, taking time to have a chat around the kitchen table and helping families with the emotional support they often so desperately need too.

Beach to Bush Ladies Day will raise money for Drought Angels so they can continue to do their valuable work in the local area.

And that is where you get to come in. Over the next few weeks we will be letting you in on ways you can help the farming communities around Carinda and Walgett even though you're far away, and how others are doing their bit to help out too.

In the interim, Maz and I have put this very raw and ready video together so you get to hear first hand how it all started and where its heading. Why we're doing this and how important it is to the farming communities around Carinda, Walgett and up to Lightning Ridge...within a 2 hr drive of 'Wonga' the sheep, cattle and grain property where Beach to Bush Ladies Day is going to take place on the 27th October. The girls have put a Facebook Event together for it which you can find here.

If you live in the area, we'd love you to come along. And if you don't, you're welcome too! Many of the offerings on the day will be Free, that's what we're working towards... and we will get there :)

Thanks for your time. I know its a long post.

Here is the Video. We hope you enjoy it. It's from the heart.

Many, many thanks.
Anita & Maz xx