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Summer Oasis Blog

The Holiday Girl Blog

Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Holiday Girl blog.
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News From The Shop: 'Because You Matter & A Lot Has Changed' - 3 Minute Survey »

You matter to us here at Sequins and Sand. A lot has changed recently with Coronavirus. The overall uncertainty plus travel restrictions have had a significant impact. But with your guidance we will adapt,...

Travel Tips: Solo Travel - Top Tips for Women Who Are Traveling Alone »

Solo Travel. It's empowering, liberating and fun! But it's not without its challenges. Lea has been in the travel and travel events industry for over 30 years and in that time has done bucket loads of...

News From The Shop: Mother's Day Giveaway - Ends 26th April 2020 at 12pm (EST)! »

Mums. We can never thank them enough. This year Mother's Day will be different thanks to Coronavirus and lockdown laws. We're getting in early with our annual Mother's Day Giveaway because the post is...

Summer Style: How to find a swimsuit that actually FITS! »

It's a seemingly simple act, getting into a swimsuit. But you and I know better. Finding a swimsuit that actually fits well rather than 'will do' is not easy, especially when you're a woman in her prime....

Health: How to include Kind Movement in your day - with Erica Webb »

Movement is medicine. And now, more than ever, in Corona Isolation and lockdown, we need to move for our health and wellbeing. But where do you start? What moves are gentle and effective so that you can...

Summer Inspiration: How to strengthen a Community in tough times - in lockdown and beyond »

Know body knows how to build and nurture a strong community like country people. Living on large properties miles from their nearest neighbour. In isolated, small communities miles from the nearest shopping...

Travel Tips: How to Travel With Less Stress - Top Tips from Lea @ hello me Escapes »

Group travel and event management expert Lea from hello me knows her stuff. Having been in the travel industry for some 30 years she knows a thing or two about how to travel with less stress. This list...

News From The Shop: NEW Travel wear Collection is HERE! Okay...The Staycation Collection is HERE! »

Staycationwear. Homewear. Comfortwear. Work-from-home-wear. Corona-wear. All terms we should be using right now instead of what we intended to use when talking about our new Travel wear collection here...

Summer Style: So What If Your Figure Has Changed. Your Bikini Awaits. Here's How To Find It. »

Bodies change for all sorts of reason over the years. But that doesn't mean to give up on getting back into a Bikini, plus size or otherwise.

News From The Shop: Womens Rash Vests. Sun Safe & Stylish Rashies for Every Body. Sizes 10-26 »

Each summer you're buying more and more rashies. You're women wanting to lead by example as you play with the kids and the grand kids on the beach and in the pool. And Australian labels are rising to the...

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