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Summer Oasis Blog

The Holiday Girl Blog

Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Holiday Girl blog.
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News From The Shop: 7 Brilliant Benefits of Bamboo Clothing »

Bamboo Clothing is like nothing else you've worn before. Super soft, gentle on skin and so very comfortable. That's just for starters! There are MANY benefits to wearing Bamboo and if you haven't tried...

Summer Inspiration: Get $10 when you Refer a Friend! »

As a VIP Shopper you already enjoy 10% off always (and more). Now get a $10 voucher when your friends shop with us too!

Summer Inspiration: Evie's Body Confidence Story »

In 'Evie's Story' we explore and celebrate Evie's body confidence, her Cossie Confidence journey. From hating her body, covering up at the beach and putting on a show as a plus size model (when she was...

Summer Inspiration: Tammie's Swimsuit Confidence Story »

Everyone's body confidence story is different. The degrees to which we have concerns and struggles are as varied as we are. Tammie might not have had deep-seeded, lifelong struggles, but she did have concerns...

Summer Inspiration: Maria's Body Confidence Journey »

I had the privilege of chatting with Maria, one of our wonderful Cossie Confidence Crew members, who spoke very candidly and openly about her body confidence journey. it's honest, open, and powerful.

News From The Shop: 3 Reasons a Tankini is Best. »

After fitting thousands of women in swimsuits over the past 12 years or so, I can tell you hand on heart that a one-piece is not for everyone. There are some Shapes that are better served by a Tankini,...

Summer Inspiration: Nutrition in midlife needs to be different. Here's why & what to do. »

'Nutrition in Midlife' explores why what we eat and drink does need to change in midlife and what we can do to help ourselves through this time of significant transition.

Summer Inspiration: Alison's Body Confidence Story »

After serving 1000's of women in midlife over the past 12 years, I've come to learn that how they feel about their bodies is a BIG piece of the puzzle. One they find hard to put in place, to make it complete....

News From The Shop: 3 NEW Dresses. Beach to BBQ Easy. »

They will take you from beach to BBQ, from pool party to lunch at the surf club without raising a sweat. Versatile pieces to pack in your over-nighter when you head off for a weekend here and there.

Summer Inspiration: Maz's Body Image Story »

She had 'tried it all' to change her body, her size. Nothing seemed to work, or if it did, it was short-lived. It was about being a certain weight, a smaller size that did matter at first. Then over time,...

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