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Summer Oasis Blog

The Holiday Girl Blog

Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Holiday Girl blog.
Popular categories: Confidence, Travel

News From The Shop: Thrifty Thursday - Starts in February. Find out more here! »

In February 2018 Thrifty Thursday is on! It's where we mark down a few items for 2 days and then they're gone. The next Thursday we do it again with different swimwear. Here's how it it works.

News From The Shop: NEW Much Loved Project Ten Bags in Store Now! »

Project Ten bags are the bomb! So many uses, indestructible, easy to clean and in happy prints too! These Geelong based bags have been best sellers since day one and now we have MORE!

News From The Shop: Cossie Confidence - Kate's Story »

Kate shares her Cossie Confidence journey in the video below. A very personal, honest and heart felt story. Kate's a Sequins and Sand brand rep who said 'yes!' to being part of this shoot. Not having experienced...

Summer Style: Win a $250 Cossie Confidence Swimsuit Pack! »

Win a $250 Cossie Confidence Pack! Just in time for the Christmas Holidays with Sequins and Sand and Style Loving 2.

Summer Inspiration: Remembrance Day - Why and How will you remember them? »

A post about womens' swimwear. Resortwear? No and deliberately not so. Not today.

Summer Inspiration: Cossie Confidence - Clair's Story »

Having battled with her own body insecurities for years, Clair without hesitation wanted to be part of this day and the Cossie Confidence message. She's such a sweetheart.

Summer Inspiration: Cossie Confidence - Anita's Story »

When you've been in the swimsuit game for 8 years, you get to learn a thing or two. What my business has taught me is that far too many beautiful women miss out on enjoying so much in their lives because...

Summer Inspiration: Cossie Confidence - Fiona's Story »

What a find Fiona is! Lenses melted and hearts fluttered when Fiona was filmed on our Cossie Confidence shoot! Such a talent and absolute joy to be with. Most of her teens, Fiona struggled with her body...

News From The Shop: Introducing Coola Cozzies - Sun Protective Rashies & Swim Shorts for Women from outback Qld! »

What a story. A wonderful Australian story about a woman from outback Qld who couldn't find colourful sun protective swimwear for her family, including larger sizes for her mum. Then a soul sucking drought...

Summer Inspiration: Cossie Confidence - Karen's Story »

Mum & Grand Mother too, Karen wrote a great article last summer about getting into the right swimsuit and it was so well received, striking a chord with so many women. Karen didn't hesitate when asked...

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