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Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Blog.

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Summer Style Face Shapes and The Best Hat Styles For Them »

"I can never find a hat that suits me." Are they words that you've said to yourself over the years? Hats can be tricky. Let's see if we can help you better appreciate what hat might work for you.

Summer Style The Art of Layering - Grab your FREE Layering Cheat Sheet! »

When you master the art of layering, you'll find creating outfits you love to wear super easy...and fun! Packing to go away will be a breeze. As for wearing them, you won't have to think, just do.

Wellness Free Menopause Resource Guide »

Become your own health advocate. Empower yourself with knowledge of what's going on in your body during your Menopause transition...because odds on, you're doctor doesn't.

Style Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Shape To Boost Your Cossie Confidence »

Finding THAT swimsuit that's best for your shape can be difficult and very frustrating. And for many women, it's a very confronting and emotional journey. This is a guide to finding yours for your shape.

Mindset Your Top 10 Beyond The Shop Editions for 2023 »

The Beyond The Shop newsletter, out every Wednesday explores topics that help us to reclaim our sense of self and have us feeling more confident; more swimsuit confident in midlife. More summer confident....

Mindset Sensational Summer Reading List (for 2023) »

Grab your book and head to the beach or by the pool for relaxing summer days. Time to yourself. Yes!

Style Best Swimsuit & Resortwear Styles For Your Round or Rectangle Shape »

Summer means it's time to get holiday, beach day and pool day ready. Swimsuits and Resortwear included! Finding the best fitting bathers for you starts with understanding the best swimsuits for your shape....

Style Calling all Triangle and Diamond girls! »

Hello girls! How's your Summer going so far? Sydney sure turned up the summer heat on the weekend! I was there enjoying the company of and re-connecting with 3 beautiful friends. That's why this edition...

Style Shoulders wide? Your swimsuit guide's inside. Hourglass girls, yours too! »

Hello girls! I hope this finds you well. I'm going to need to be a planning machine to get through this week with calm. And rely on my morning yoga stretch. What do you do to create calm?

Style Your Top 10 Swimsuit Styles of 2023 Revealed! »

Hello girls! Taking a break? I hope this finds you well as we wrap up 2023 and get ready for 2024! Reflect and Review. What a year it's been. For us here at S&S, it's been one of significant change. Of...

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