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Summer Oasis Blog

The Holiday Girl Blog

Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Holiday Girl blog.
Popular categories: Confidence, Travel

Summer Inspiration: Sequins and Sand - 2017 Brand Rep Snaps! »

We have 5 Fab Brand Reps that are putting themselves out there, showing the way in their swimwear (and resortwear), encouraging other women to get out from under that palm tree and dive into their

News From The Shop: How To Pay for your Swimwear and Resortwear with Afterpay at Sequins and Sand! »

Afterpay is now available at Sequins and Sand for swimwear and resortwear and it's really easy to use. Here's how to use it.

News From The Shop: NEW Capriosca Swimwear is in! HUGE Range. NEW styles. Old FAVES in new colours and prints. »

What a range! It's big! New styles, old favourites in new prints and colours. So much to talk about I think this will be part 1! Let's go!

News From The Shop: Meet our 5 new Brand Reps! Vita, Anna, Kate, Maz and Jane. Let's go girls! »

Five fab women. 3 wondrous months. Decked out in stunning swimwear and resortwear. In different shapes and sizes. Showing the way. Encouraging other women to get back into a cossie and make very happy...

News From The Shop: NEW Curvy Swimwear in store now! Stunning Summer 2017/18 Collection in Sizes 14-26. See it here! »

The NEW Swimsuit range from Australia's Curvy Swimwear has just landed and what an absolutely beautiful line up it is! Heavenly prints in sizes 14-26 so includes plus sizes too. Thoughtfully designed for...

News From The Shop: Sequins and Sand Brand Rep Search On Now! – Could It Be You? »

Get set for summer with $400+ of goodies from us! Become a Sequins and Sand Brand Rep! We're looking for 5 everyday women who want to share their love of summer with others. If that sounds like you, then...

News From The Shop: 70% off Swimwear SALE Now On In Clearance! »

It's on! Our 70% Off Women's Swimwear Clearance SALE. Onepiece, swimdress, tankini, bikini tops and bottoms in Sizes 10-30. Loads of swimsuits have just been lopped and popped into Clearance and marked...

Holiday Girls Tell All!: Bras, Bathers and Breast Cancer - 24th May in Brisbane @ Sequins and Sand HQ »

Breast cancer. It's a shit of a thing and anything any of us can to do help, will. Research and awareness are critical. Check those assets yourself, have them checked, get your screening done...stay on...

News From The Shop: NEW! Winter Basics with a Twist and Layering Legends from Eb&IVe & Isle of Mine »

Winter is never really heavy here at S&S. Being all about getting you summer holiday ready, it's always about Travelwear fabulous clothing to wear on the plane, in transit and for when the weather might...

News From The Shop: $700+ Prizes in our Mother's Day Giveaway! »

Mums shape us. What they say and do influence who we are and guide us.

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We blog about all things holiday.

Steal some inspiration for your next fabulous getaway. Get practical advice on how to look and feel your glamorous best this summer. And find and share essential tips on travel and beach style with the rest of the Sequins & Sand community.

Any time you need to get that carefree summer groove back, we'll be waiting for you!

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