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Swimsuit Confidence

Masterclasses & Events

Inspiring Events, Workshops and Masterclasses. Online and in-person.

Ways to have you feeling more confident, more like you again as you navigate the often tumultuous stormy seas of midlife. Feel more and more empowered as you take back your me-time and learn how to give the extraordinary gift of you to the world...swimsuit and all :)
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[Swimsuit Stylist Service - $297.00]

Swimsuit Stylist Service


The fastest and easiest way to own swimsuits you love to wear without wasting precious time or leaving your office.
(Even If You're Larger Than a Size 16)

The only online Specialist Find + Fit Swimsuit Service founded on 14+ years of professional experience...

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[Essential Style Basics For Your Body Shape - $57.00]

Essential Style Basics For Your Body Shape


Dressing for your body shape is a strong foundation on which to build your confidence. There are no rules, but the right styling know-how does make a BIG difference to how we look and feel. Start with these easy to do basics.

Does this sound familiar?

My Body Shape Has Changed
Belly gotten bigger (hello Menopause!)? Things heading south? Post baby is when the changes started and they've kept on coming from there...

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[How to get the Right Fitting Swimsuit - even if you’re a bigger girl. - $79.00]

How to get the Right Fitting Swimsuit - even if you're a bigger girl.


What is having a swimsuit that instantly feels great on, worth to you?
Take the pain of never feeling comfortable in a swimsuit away. Learn how to get a swimsuit that fits well, has you feeling supported in all the right places, in this 1 hour Workshop with Australia's swimsuit fit expert (known as The Cossie Whisperer), Anita McLachlan...

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[Unlock Your Cossie Confidence - the Course - $397.00]

Unlock Your Cossie Confidence - the Course


How do you feel about being in a swimsuit? Has it been a while? Maybe way too long? You know it's time.

Time to stop holding back and start diving into your summers once more.
To live your summer with greater happiness and joy. To be IN the photos not taking them...

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