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Anita McLachlan - 1st November 2009

At Sequins and Sand, the promise is simple: we want you to live your summer life with unstoppable freedom and joy. No holding back because you can't find a swimsuit that fits you well. No holding back because of the way you feel about being in a swimsuit, in public.

Hello and welcome to Sequins and Sand! If you're new, a big warm summer smile to you. If you have been with us for a while (hello...we've been online for over 14 years now), then you may have noticed a few changes.

At Sequins and Sand, the promise is simple: we want you to live your summer life with unstoppable freedom and joy. No holding back because you can't find a swimsuit that fits you well. No holding back because of the way you feel about being in a swimsuit, in public.

We're here to help you get your swimsuit style mojo back. To be able to step out onto that sand and diving into the pool feeling confident - and fabulous! We are dedicated to helping women embrace their love of summer all over again. And if it's been a while since you stepped out onto the sand in a swimsuit, or if your confidence is shaken, then welcome home. Here you'll find a gentle hand up to have you loving summer once again. If you're heading off on an eagerly anticipated summer holiday, we've got what you need to get you ready in a snap. No skimp. No frump. Swim and Resortwear for sizes 12-30.

Think of us as your Cossie Concierge. The team you turn to when thinking Swimsuits. All the inside information, tips and know-how to get you swimsuit sorted and your confidence restored. Unbiased, experienced and authentic.

Find Your Swimsuit With Less Stress and More Ease:
We have curated a large, ever growing collection of Swim and Resortwear and put them all in once place for you. Check back often because there will be more! Not only have we hand picked them, we've 'graded' them so that you can filter to find what you're after, THEN add your favourites to your Wishlist You can even email it to yourself so you always have a way to remember what you've done :)

Filter and Find your swimsuit based on its:

  • Level of Bust Support
  • Size range
  • Body Shape suitability
  • Colour - including if it's a warm or cool colour (to suit your personal colour palette)
  • Print or plain
  • Mastectomy friendly
  • Pool tough (Chlorine Resistant)

Shop Directly with the Labels
This is the biggest change we've made. So that we can focus more on helping you to FIND that swimsuit and FEEL confident in it, we are no longer retailing. We are a Swimsuit & Summer Style & Body Confidence service business. Over time, we will expand the number of swimsuits and resortwear pieces for you to browse and shop directly with the brands. By changing to this way of doing business, we can offer more AND in a very thoughtfully helpful way.

Your Cossie Concierge - We're At Your Service
With our strong service ethos and extensive knowledge about all things swimwear, think of us as your Cossie Concierge. The person you turn to when you need to know about Swim and Resortwear. Whether its for a holiday or for day to day needs.

Our services include:

  • The FREE Shape & Size Calculator - THE best place to start when you begin you swimsuit search. Put in your measurements and let our custom Calculator tell you what Size we think you are (based on the labels we feature) and your Body Shape. Armed with your Shape and Size finding THAT swimsuit is a lot easier. Head over to the Calculator now and check it out.
  • Swimsuit Stylist - If you don't want to spend your precious time trawling the internet for your swimwear OR if you're fed up and frustrated trying to find the right options for you, then let us do the leg work and take the stress away. Our Swimsuit Stylist Service is made for you. Book in and let a professional do it for you. Tailored solutions that include a personalised Swimsuit Style Guide as well as Zoom sessions with our swimsuit stylist to get the job done. Find out about it here.

*Workshops & Events - Yes, that's right. Ways you can DIY and learn from us and other experts on all things Summer and Swimsuit Style as well as ways to boost your Body Confidence and feel more like you. We will offer new Workshops and Events often. If you are a member of our [Summer Confidence Society] you get to find out first to secure your spot. As a paid Platinum member you'll get discounted pricing and access to exclusive events too. Find out about them here.

  • S&S TV & Blog - is where you'll find more FREE tips, info and know-how. Every week we hear from women who say how much they love our Videos. So...we've put many of them together and will continue to add more weekly to S&S TV. If you prefer to read, then the Blog might be more your speed. Either way, they offer wonderful insights again to help you work out the best swimsuit options for you and how to feel more confident in them as well. Style, Mindset and Wellness topics. Find the Videos here and the Blog articles here.

Our Cossie Confidence Mission
Cossie Confidence (Swimsuit Confidence ) is the very heart and soul of all we do at Sequins and Sand.

There's something about being in a swimsuit, the very thought of being in one, that brings out all sorts of negative feelings and emotions for so many beautiful women. It's something not often talked about, but it's certainly there.

Over the years I've had 100's of conversations with women who feel this way. Something had to be done to let them know that they were not alone. That it was possible to take back their summers - not to sit out and miss out any longer. That it was possible to find THAT swimsuit and be confident wearing it. To make wonderful memories with those they loved and be in the photos, not taking them.

So, the Cossie Confidence movement was born. We have done 6 annual campaigns so far. You can see the Cossie Confidence campaigns and our wonderful Cossie Confidence Crew here. A passionate group of every day women who have had their own body confidence and swimsuit confidence issues in the past, who come together and put themselves out there showing the way, for you.

As a Platinum member of The Summer Confidence Society, you get the opportunity to experience these campaigns. It's a truly unique and incredible experience. Not to mention the proof that you have indeed become, Cossie Confident.

Contact Us
Well, that's about it, About Us. If you have a question about what we do then please Contact Us here. We'd be only too happy to help. Your swimsuit confidence and needs, matter to us.

To your summer with unstoppable confidence, swimsuit and all.

Anita xx
(Founder and Owner: Sequins and Sand + The Summer Confidence Society + The Cossie Confidence Movement.)