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Do you feel like your 'falling out' when doing your water workout? This Swimsuit will save you and here's why.

Anita McLachlan - 9th May 2019

Do you work out often in the pool? Is hydrotherapy part of your weekly routine? And when you work out, do you feel like your 'bits' are falling out? Oh yeah! We know! We here it all the time. "I need a swimsuit that will keep all my bits in when I'm working out in the pool."

Now we are not talking high performance swimming here, let's be clear. That's something we don't dabble in, sorry.
What we do dabble in helping women who are recovering from illness, injury or just want to move to keep healthy and do that regularly in a pool.

Comfort and support is everything when doing your water workouts. After years of fitting swimsuits on 1000's of women online, this is what I have learned. Support doesn't come from an underwire. Yep, you heard right. There is more to it than that girls. Underwires can help, but when you're lifting up those arms and stretching out, underwires ride up ya bust and that's just not comfortable.

Here's what DOES give you good support. You need to look for a swimsuit with these features:

1. A higher back - my #1 tip for bust support and for holding you in better. A higher back means better coverage under your arms and over your 'side boob' for a more supportive fit.

2. A sturdy shelf bra - Inbuilt shelf bra and moulded cups support your bust and create terrific shape. The sturdy shelf bra means no underwire digging or riding up when you jump up or lift those arms up. It also means more 'forgiveness' in the fit for added comfort.

3. Wide, adjustable straps - for extra support and a custom fit. This is really important. Please tighten your straps to get a firmer fit. The wider strap, just like wedges over stilettos, spread the load. This will have you feeling more secure and 'in' your bathers, rather than spilling out of them!

4. Paneled sections for a more secure fit - if you have a rounder tummy shape. Panels help to bring in your waist at the sides offering more support so you feel like you're being held in more. Some swimsuit will offer 2 layers too. Like theses ones. The front panel offers more length too which is great for more crotch coverage.

5. Good bottom coverage - like a full brief. Just to give you enough coverage to keep your bottom contained and feeling secure.

AND...last but not least. If you want to stop your swimsuits from bagging out early, then look for one made from a Chlorine Resistant fabric. Chlorine Resistant fabrics are made to last longer than regular swimsuit fabric in chlorinated conditions. BUT no swimsuit is safe forever, especially if the water is warm to hot. Spas will destroy swimsuits so quickly. So please keep that in mind when you buy bathers, from us or anyone. Get a cheap pair if you are going to be in the spa and wear those, otherwise you will be throwing good money out after bad and we don't want you to do that....ever!

So that's it girls. Of course, we are here to help you get THAT fit with your swimsuit. It's what we love to do. It's what we are respected for and known for. Here's how we can help you get the right fit from your swimwear.

To your health and well supported water workouts girls!

Anita & The Girls
@ Sequins and Sand