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Shoulders wide? Your swimsuit guide's inside. Hourglass girls, yours too!

Anita McLachlan - 13th January 2024

Hello girls! I hope this finds you well. I'm going to need to be a planning machine to get through this week with calm. And rely on my morning yoga stretch. What do you do to create calm?

Hello girls! I hope this finds you well. I'm going to need to be a planning machine to get through this week with calm. And rely on my morning yoga stretch. What do you do to create calm?

Perhaps this blog will give some clarity to help you decide what togs to buy. This is the last in the Swim and Resortwear Shape & Style Series. Last but by no means least, for the gorgeous Inverted Triangles and Hourglass girls we serve.

Shoulders wider than hips? Fuller bust that gives you that 'width up top' and with that, your hips appear narrower? Maybe you were a swimmer back in the day. If that's you, then you are a fabulous Inverted Triangle - like our Tammie, Mel and Jo in the Cossie Confidence Crew in the photo above.

If your shoulders and hips are a similar width AND you have a defined waist, then are a gorgeous Hourglass! Like our Maz and yours truly.

For each shape, I'll share:

3 Swimsuit Styles
2 Resortwear Pieces
1 Swimsuit Fit Tip
Make sure you check out the Product Review Videos I've done for you too. You'll find them in the suggested swimsuit styles below.

Okay. Let's go! Remember that you'll need to be a Summer Confidence Society Gold Member (FREE) to access The Calculator and products below (in The Catalogue). The Calculator is our much-loved homegrown tool to help you find your shape if you're unsure. The Catalogue is what we used to call The Shop.

Not a member? Head there now to do that and come back. It's quick and easy and you will only need to do it once. We are using a new platform called Kajabi for some of our work here at S&S which is why you need that login :)

3 Swimsuit Styles for Inverted Triangle and Hourglass Shapes
There are a couple of knockout swimsuit styles that suit BOTH these shapes brilliantly - The Bandeau and the Criss Cross. These and more below. Let's go!

3 Swimsuit Styles for an Inverted Triangle Shape:
There are more than 3 but here are my faves. Styles that visually bring in your wider shoulder line to balance hips. They also suit a fuller bust as well.

#1. Underwire Bikini Top Necklines that are slim and long, deep and narrow are great for adding length not width to your top half. If you have a fuller bust with your shape then THIS is a brilliant style for you. The ruching in the cups will expand with your bust which means you don't have to go up a size to fit your bust well, you can get the size that fits your under-bust and across your back. Yay!

Meet the brand NEW Summer Fields Underwire Bikini Top from a D-G cup and up to a 22. Click on the image below for more info on size availability from Capriosca Swimwear. There's a matching pants too!

Jo loves this style in the One Piece and wears it in Black in the image above. She's a 22E and wears the 22.

#2. One Shoulder One Piece by Capriosca Swimwear is now available in a textured black fabric in the Acapulco range. Perfect for wide shoulders the diagonal line helps to elongate down rather than straight across. It's such a sophisticated, stylish swimsuit. Definitely one for that luxury resort or cruise holiday - think White Lotus :) Sizes 12-20 - B-G cup. Click on the image below for more info on size availability from Capriosca Swimwear. Capriosca still have some left in the gorgeous Teal colour too. A personal favourite. The lovely Tammie from our Cossie Confidence Crew is in her in the main image above.

#3. Criss Cross One Piece is another that I recommend for an Inverted Triangle shape. It goes against the theory a little BUT I think it looks fabulous on this shape because with the wide band ruching about the bust and high waist, the attention is all up and narrower hips are downplayed. A personal favourite for our Inverted Triangle girls. There is a stunning NEW Metallic Blue in this style (see the image below for more details) and in Pink as well.

3 Swimsuit Styles for an Hourglass Shape:
Really, the swimsuit world is your oyster with your already well-balanced and proportioned shape. My top tip is to consider styles that accentuate your waist. If you are tummy conscious, add that ruching but only if you really feel you need to from a confidence point of view.

#1. Criss Cross One Piece Yep, this is where there is a cross-over in styles for both shapes. This style really accentuates the waist. Maz from the Cossie Confidence Crew absolutely rocks (and loves) this cossie in Black and White. It doesn't have the same wide ribbon ruching as the Blue or Pink versions above, which is why I've mentioned it here. Same theory though.

#2. Bandeau the great All-Rounder works brilliantly for an Hourglass shape. Added here for those with an Hourglass shape who are tummy-conscious. Ruching in all the right places will keep your well-balanced shape...well balanced :)

See it (and more details) in that gorgeous Metallic Blue in the image below. Wear it straps on or off - 4 ways. Sizes 10-22. B-E cup.

#3. Waist Tie One Piece is a cross-over style and another cut that both IT girls and Hourglasses rock beautifully. Accentuates a waist where the tie meets and that deep V neckline says hello sexy summer brilliantly. Available in a few prints so have a browse around The Catalogue for more options. There is a NEW one in the Summer Fields (cooler palette) print in Sizes 10-22 (click below for more details) as well as Honeycomb Navy if you are not a fan of a print and a Maui option if you are a warmer palette girl.

2 Resortwear Styles for an Inverted Triangle and Hourglass Shape:
What to look for in a resortwear cover-up? Think of the similar features you look for in a swimsuit. A longer, slimmer neckline to lengthen not widen and for Hourglass girls, a waist tie option to bring it in and show off your curves.

#1: For our IT girls consider the White Collared Lace beach dress from Genevieve Swimwear. It will add visual width around your hips with its longer fluted sleeve. Undo the top buttons and create that slim, deep V-neckline for your upper area.

#2: Tropicana Kaftan from The Haven Co. We used to sell this brand in the shop and we love it. It's a resort label that now includes more larger-size options. Yay! It's a balance between having enough room to layer over your togs when selecting Resortwear and creating a bit of definition for your waist when you're an Hourglass. THIS kaftan I love for this reason. The twist knot feature brings it in a bit whilst still giving you that much-needed room to move when layering over swimmers.

Comes in 2 plains - a gorgeous Coral (for you warmer colour palette girls) and a Marina blue for cooler girls. The Print option has those warmer tones in it that would pick up the Metallic Pink from the Criss Cross One Piece and Bandeau brilliantly! Check them out here over at The Haven Co website. One Size so I reckon up to an 18 easily.

1 Swimsuit Fit Tip for Inverted Triangles:
The theory says to balance out your wider top by adding volume to your hips. Tie your wrap sarongs at the hip to do that - simple and easy. Both Capriosca and Genevieve Swimwear have great colour options to choose from in both longer and shorter lengths. Find them all here.

Beyond The Shop out on Wednesday, this week we move on to The Language We Use when talking about our bodies. I may throw in a challenge for you too because when you open your ears to the conversations we have, it's astounding how often we put ourselves down - about our bodies.

How we FEEL about ourselves in a swimsuit matters most. That's why we have the Wednesday newsletter topics as well as the product-based ones in this edition on a Sunday. Mind and Style girls. Mind and Style.

Well, that's it for another blog girls. I hope you have a good one.

Happy summer...cossies and all!
Anita xx