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Inverted Triangle Shape

Were you a swimmer back in the day? Maybe you still are. Maybe you were born with beautifully wide shoulders.
If your top half is wider than your hips (your hips are narrower than your shoulders), your bust may be well-endowed and your bottom perhaps a little flat then you are an Inverted Triangle shape. Yay!

Tammie from the Cossie Confidence Crew is our Inverted Triangle shape. So too is the lovely Jo.
Both have an E cup bust. Tammie is a size 12 and Jo is an 18/20.

From a theory point of view, to 'balance' out your shape add volume to your lower half. The challenge with swimwear is however, finding pieces that frilled, and fuller about the bottom. A print at the bottom and plain at the top is easier to find and also a great option. Like this one.

If you do like the idea of a 2 piece then a [skirted bottom] is an option or a Retro shaped bottom with more ruching and an extra panel sewn in across the front. And you wear a 'boyleg' bottom beautifully!

Other styles Tammie and Jo love are:

  • The Underwire Ruched One Piece & Tankini - Jo loves the support the one piece in particular gives her. That style of cossie comes in quite a few colours and prints and is a staple in the Capriosca stable. Black, navy, turquoise and plum with black and navy always available. Each season there is a new print in this style so look out for that. We will have Underwire Ruched in the title of the item. Use it in your Search!
  • The Criss Cross is a wow swimming costume that will emphasise the bust area and create a visual waist. Tammie looks incredible in this style and it's her favourite.
  • Boyleg One Piece and Boyleg bottoms. Yep, not many can, but you can rock these styles!

These styles technically will add visual width to your shoulders but the girls love them just the same which is why we've included them :)

  • The Zip Up (Frill Sleeve) One Piece supports is another winner for Jo offering a firmer fit about the bust. Now the frill will add to width up top so the choice is yours. Jo loves it.
  • The Bandeau - when worn strapless will visually widen shoulders. It's everyone's favourite style. Comes in many prints and plains. Here it is in Navy on Tammie.

Truth bomb: I'll be honest. A flatter bottom and a notable size difference between top and bottom is the trickiest shape to fit. Blame that flat bottom girls :) Ultimately if you have over 2 sizes difference between top and bottom, to get a great fit for both areas, lean towards a Tankini or Bikini two piece.

But, in some cases, that flat bottom still makes it tricky to get the right fit; the leg holes will feel loose. You know what I'm talking about, right?

That's why we offer an Alterations Service where we can have the legs 're-rubbered' and brought in for you. It's easy to do and worth every cent. Isn't it time you had a cossie that fitted perfectly?

Now all of the above sounds great but at the end of the day, they are suggestions. We want you to feel fabulous in what ever you choose to wear. No rules girls. But if you're confused or overwhelmed or perhaps after a freshen up with what you wear then these 'guidelines' are a place to start. Then as you gain in confidence, create your own.

Embrace your gorgeous shape and shine this and every summer. You are beautiful.
Anita & The Girls.

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