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Swimsuit Confidence


Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Shape To Boost Your Cossie Confidence

Anita McLachlan - 5th March 2018

Finding THAT swimsuit that's best for your shape can be difficult and very frustrating. And for many women, it's a very confronting and emotional journey. This is a guide to finding yours for your shape.

Finding THAT swimsuit can be difficult and very frustrating. And for many women, it's a very confronting and emotional journey.
This is a guide to finding yours for your shape.

After 14 years of selling swimsuits online and a professional swimsuit fitter, I'm proud to say I've learned a thing or two and have been bowled over by couple of big surprises.

The truth is, and you know this, ultimately, it's your mind that has to get you over the line. Believe in you, your beauty and your body. You are enough. And you CAN get into that swimsuit.

The problem is that you've been bombarded with so many negative messages about bodies and how you couldn't possibly know what's right, that it's hard to find a way forward through the noise. The other thing that does is wobble confidence. We all struggle with confidence at some point in our lives and for 100's of different reasons. It's the hairy beast in the corner that stops us from seeing the possibilities and in many instances, from giving it a go in the first place.

In most instances you know what will work for you. Honestly, you really do. It's the cossie that catches your eye as you flick through the racks or scroll down the page. And it usually catches your eye for a good reason.

Finding the right bathers, means making a start and that's the biggest hurdle. Once you've committed to doing that here's few guiding tips to help you find yours.

1. If you're going to body 'pick' then just pick on one body part. The one area that if you could make it look better, it would make you feel better. Eg: that belly, those boobs, those hips. Please don't go to town and pick on lots of bits, you're never going to get there if you do; take it easy on yourself.

2. Less, in many cases, is best, particularly where bottoms are concerned. I know, I know, the tendency is to cover up more. And that's fine if it means you'll ultimately get back on to the beach and into loving summer (or if it's a sun protection issue, you're a rower or have a cultural concern). But in most cases, fuller butts and hips don't need it. In fact, they can make them look more obvious. I'm not talking skimp as the solution. A midrise leg will do the trick nicely. A full brief style is fine. But if you are fuller about the hips then please don't do the Boyleg . They are best for those with slim pins and narrow hips. After all, they are called Boylegs for a reason ☺

3. Bigger busts need support to get them up and out and adjustable straps to keep them in place. And it's not always about underwire! Good support incorporates 3 things:

• Higher back
• Which means the swimsuit will sit higher under the arms for 'side boob' coverage
• Wide enough straps to take the load – fully adjustable of course for a custom fit

A sturdy shelf bra Vs Underwire then becomes more of a personal choice thing I find. There are pro's and con's to both.

4. Smaller busts? A triangle shaped cup is fab as well as twists, ruching or frills across the front to visually give them a boost.

5. Belly bothers? Consider:
• Powermeshing or supportive lining under just to have you feeling a bit more secure is a good thing.
• A one piece is always going to offer more tummy support than a tankini top because it's 'anchored' under our torso.
• A little ruching or frills across the front will help to conceal
• Prints are fab detractors and masters of disguise.
• To visually create a waist, dark side panels work well.
• Crossover styles – just like a wrap dress, they work because they have a diagonal line that helps to visually elongate and break (sounds Medieval I know!)

6. Give yourself time and ask for help. Take a bestie with you when you shop; someone who's going to give you an honest opinion and support you with encouragement. If that's difficult to do, then find a store (online) with excellent returns policies and who will offer genuine advice so you can swap until you get it right. Excellent Customer Service is so important when finding that swimsuit.

If you feel you need additional help than these options, here are 2 we offer right here at Sequins and Sand:

  • On Demand Online Workshop: Watch a fabulous online, available right now workshop that goes into detail about 'How To Get The Right Fitting Swimsuit - even if you're a bigger girl.' Packed full of my top fit tips gathered over 14 years of being the Cossie Whisperer. Watch it here.
  • Swimsuit Stylist Service: is the full monty! Where we do the heavy lifting for you so you don't have to worry at all. A fun and personalised service that presents to you your tailored Swimsuit Style Guide full of your winning styles. Book your session here.

As daunting and frustrating as it can be at times, swimwear shopping should be done. Finding the cossie that gets you out there enjoying your summers, making happy memories with family and friends, is indeed summer's Holy Grail. It's out there and you will find it.

Here's to your precious summer memories and your Cossie Confidence.

Anita McLachlan
Sequins and Sand