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Short Body Swimwear

If your torso is short, it may be a pain to find a swimsuit that doesn't flap around the tops of your legs or has too fabric across your tummy. A swim top should not fit like a mini dress! Right?

If you have a shorter body, you need swimsuits that don't have as much ruching or gathers along the torso. Those gathers will create too many folds for you causing bathers to feel loose, baggy and uncomfortable. Look for straight through styles like this one and this one. There are no gathers along the side seams in these.

When shopping online, look closely at the images and read about the features. If they say they have a ruching or gathers along the side seams, investigate to see how much. You won't need much. A little will go a long way :)

Look for styles that have fixed panels on the side because those side panels will have less give and length in them like the ones below:

BUT and it's a big one, if you are shorter in the torso and have a prominent fuller tummy figure, then you will need some ruching for length. A rounder tummy needs length to get over and around it.

One of the most challenging figures to fit is a short torso, prominent rounder tummy shape with a flat bottom. Particularly challenging if you like to wear a one piece. Why? Because to get the swimsuit to fit the front (with enough length in the gathers and ruching), the bottom and leg hole area will flap about.

That's why we offer Swimsuit Alterations and can 're-rubber' the legs for you.

If you're not a one piece girl but want the tummy coverage, then consider a tankini. It's a two piece that looks like it's all-in-one. This is tricky because most tankini's are made to have overlap with the pant. Look for styles where you can adjust the straps (to bring the tankini top up slightly) and those that sit about the hip on the models in the pictures. If it looks longer on a model, it will be too long for you.

OR it could be that a Frill Bikini Top with a deep frill over the cups (like this one and a high waisted pant will offer enough tummy coverage for you. Just a thought.

Go get 'em girl! Summer is yours for the taking.

Anita & The Girls

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