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Swimsuit Confidence

Diamond Shape

You are a gorgeous sparkly Diamond if you are a Triangle (Pear) shape with a rounder (often high) tummy and 'out the back' bottom and thicker upper thighs. For many of us in midlife, our tummy area gets bigger. That's why we have included Diamond shape in our shape descriptions. Jacqui and Alison are our sparkly Diamonds. Look for them when you are looking for swimmers and odds on, what works for them will work well for you too.

The styles that both Jacqui and Alison love are:

Now, all of the above sounds great but at the end of the day, they are suggestions. We want you to feel fabulous in what ever you choose to wear. No hard and fast rules girls. But if you're confused or overwhelmed or perhaps after a freshen up with what you wear then these 'guidelines' are a place to start. Then as you gain in confidence, create your own.

Embrace your Diamond shape and shine this and every summer. You are beautiful.
Anita & The Girls.

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