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Calling all Triangle and Diamond girls!

Anita McLachlan - 13th January 2024

Hello girls! How's your Summer going so far? Sydney sure turned up the summer heat on the weekend! I was there enjoying the company of and re-connecting with 3 beautiful friends. That's why this edition is landing a little late. I was having too good a time! :) I hope you don't mind.

Hello girls! How's your Summer going so far? Sydney sure turned up the summer heat on the weekend! I was there enjoying the company of and re-connecting with 3 beautiful friends. That's why this edition is landing a little late. I was having too good a time! :) I hope you don't mind.

We now continue with our Swim and Resortwear Shape & Style Series and it's the Triangle and Diamond girls' turn. Last week it was Round and Rectangle shapes. Did you see that one?

For each shape, I'll share:

3 Swimsuit Styles
2 Resortwear Pieces
1 Swimsuit Fit Tip
Make sure you check out the Product Review Videos I've done for you in each of the suggested swimsuit styles below.

Okay. Let's go! Remember that you'll need to be a Summer Confidence Society Gold Member (FREE) to access the Calculator and products below. Not a member? Head there now to do that and come back. It's quick and easy and you will only need to do it once. We are using a new platform called Kajabi for some of our work here at S&S which is why you need that login :)

Triangle and Diamond Shapes
Sister shapes! Both Triangle and Diamonds share the same features of narrower shoulder width than hips but our sparkly Diamonds have a fuller, rounder tummy shape with theirs. Some Triangle girls will have a proportionally smaller bust and longer torsos. Maybe that's you.

Not sure of your shape? Head over to our much loved and very helpful, free to use, Shape & Size Calculator to find out.

3 Swimsuit Styles for a Triangle Shape:
There are more than 3 but here are my faves. Styles that visually widen the shoulder line to balance hips, add visual volume to the bust area and keep the attention up with prints, details or a contrasting colour to a darker bottom area.

#1. V Neck One Piece by Capriosca Swimwear. A Triangle body shape loves a triangle-shaped bust cup too. It won't overpower with too much fabric and it will keep the attention up. The micro cut-out detailing of this swimsuit style does this beautifully as well. There is no side ruching in this style. Just released in the NEW Tuscany print – a delicate, mostly light warm toned print it's a brilliant option for those who wear lighter gold jewellery well. Also available in Calypso and classic black and white in Acapulco.

#2. Frill Sleeve One Piece by Genevieve Swimwear is such a brilliant style for a Triangle shape. With its darker bottom and printed top it's party time upstairs with this cossie! Add the short frill sleeves that visually widen the shoulder area together with the wide shallower neckline, you have a swimsuit style that is tailor-made for a Triangle shape. Just released in the NEW Vintage Palms print this option is for our cooler colour pallet girls who prefer to wear silver and wear it well. An option for the warmer tones girls too but...I think the cool girls have the edge with this print. It also comes in classic black and white in the Foliage print.

#3. Shirred One Piece is another brilliant option for a Triangle shape. A relative new-comer in the Capriosca stable, it's another bandeau option that is now available in the same Tuscany print as the V Neck above. It also comes in a Black and White Dots option and Calypso too. I LOVE this style for our Triangle girls because the shirred bust area expands and contracts as needed so if you are a B cup (perhaps even an A) up to a DD this one is an option. The horizontal line adds visual width and the little frill that runs along it adds attention and a little visual volume as does the shirring detail. With removable straps, you can wear this one 4 ways! Again no ruching along the side seams and a leg that doesn't sit too low either. Tada!

3 Swimsuit Styles for a Diamond Shape:
In addition to the styling tips above for a Triangle, for our sparkly Diamonds, it's about having enough 'length' in your cossie so that it comfortably fits your fuller tummy area.

#1. Long Frill V Neck One Piece – this new style from Capriosca is an absolute winner! Available in Black and White Dots and the gorgeous NEW Tuscany print. It will help to visually widen shoulders and add visual volume to the bust area. The ruching along the side seems will give you the length and tummy coverage you're after. Such a brilliant style. Sizes 12-22. B-G cup.

#2. Bandeau - the great All-Rounder works brilliantly on a Diamond shape. Ruching in all the right places, with a fabulous shallow sweetheart neckline to add visual width. See it in one of this summer's hot colours Metallic Pink. Wear it straps on or off - 4 ways. Sizes 10-22.

#3. 3 Tier Tankini Top is another popular style for a rounder tummy. The diagonal lines of the tiers add length (not width) whilst the wider V neckline will add a bit of visual shoulder width. There's also a One Piece version. Each 3-Tier style is available in many colours and prints. Here is the Tankini Top in Leopard worn by Jacqui from the Cossie Confidence Crew with a matching pant. While Alison, our other Diamond girl wears a black bottom with hers. In a one piece there is the new Montego print.

2 Resortwear Styles for a Round & Rectangle Shape:
What to look for in a resortwear cover-up? Think of the similar features you look for in a swimsuit. A 'flutter' or frilled short sleeve will add visual shoulder width as will a wider neckline. Just remember a cover-up will be layered over your bathers so will need to have a bit more room to move about it too.

#1: This Bora Bora cover-up dress with a wider neckline from Capriosca Swimwear will work back brilliantly with the Metallic Pink Bandeau. Top Tip: Twist and knot the inside to one side just below your bust to give it a little bit of shape. I secure mine with a hair tie!

#2: This Belle Sleeve mesh coverup from Genevieve Swimwear has a defined line under the bust for a bit of shape. The gathers then fall to give you more room in the tummy area. Here it is in Black.

1 Swimsuit Fit Tip for both Triangle and Diamonds:
If you have more than 2 size difference between top and bottom then a 2 Piece – Tankini or Bikini top and separate Bottom is most likely the best fit option for you. Eg: if you have a 14 top and 18 bottom. It will be difficult to get a one piece that will accommodate such a size difference. Not sure of your size difference? Then head to our much loved Shape & Size Calculator and find out.


Happy summer...cossies and all!
Anita xx