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Rectangle Shape

You're a Rectangle Shape if your body shape is pretty much 'straight through', with little waist definition. Your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width with an average or smaller bust. From a midlife or plus size shape perspective, maybe your tummy has gotten bigger but your straight through shape remains. Many Rectangles will remain true to their straight through shape as they gain weight evenly. Maybe that's you.

Look for Evie and Liz in the Cossie Confidence Crew for your clues. They are our Rectangles.

Plus Size or Midlife Rectangle: Liz has a more pronounced rounder tummy shape than Evie and tends towards an 'Round (Apple) shape' which can happen to many gorgeous women as they put on weight about their tummies as a Rectangle shape. With this shape you may feel more comfortable wearing styles that are for the Rounder (Apple) body shape.

When looking for bathers it would be nice to create a bit of visual curve for you...visually create a waist.

If you are tummy conscious then look for styles with ruching across the tummy or 'tiers'.
Prints are also the master of disguise. If you like a plain colour then go for a textured fabric.

The 3 Tier style will work well for you too. Evie loves this style. Liz's favourite, is the Bandeau with ruching along the tummy area and bust. Both girls love the Zip Up style for the side panelling it has. And the Underwire One Piece style because of the 'empire line' it has, that defines a high waist and the ruching it has along the torso.

Here are a few examples with Evie and Liz in them.
: 3 Tier One Piece - in Bahama Bloom
: Zip Up One Piece
: Bandeau One Piece in Navy
: Underwire One Piece in Corsica.

Now all of the above sounds great but at the end of the day, they are suggestions. We want you to feel fabulous in what ever you choose to wear. No rules girls. But if you're confused or overwhelmed or perhaps after a freshen up with what you wear then these 'guidelines' are a place to start. Then as you gain in confidence, create your own.

Go get 'em! Summer is calling. You are beautiful.
Anita & The Girls xx

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