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Best Swimsuit & Resortwear Styles For Your Round or Rectangle Shape

Anita McLachlan - 7th January 2024

Summer means it's time to get holiday, beach day and pool day ready. Swimsuits and Resortwear included! Finding the best fitting bathers for you starts with understanding the best swimsuits for your shape. Matching their features to yours. Let's go!

Summer means it's time to get holiday, beach day and pool day ready. Swimsuits & Resortwear included! Finding the best fitting bathers for you starts with understanding the best swimsuits for your shape. Matching their features to yours.

A perfect time to launch our Swim and Resortwear Shape & Style Series so you can find the best bathers and coverups to wear without the stress and overwhelm (there will be enough of that as you sprint towards Christmas).

We're kicking off with the Round and Rectangle midlife shapes. Next it will be Diamond & Triangles followed by Inverted Triangles & Hourglasses.

For each shape, I'll share:

  • 3 Swimsuit Styles
  • 2 Resortwear Pieces
  • 1 Swimsuit Fit Tip

Not sure of your shape? Head over to our much loved and very helpful, free to use Shape & Size Calculator to find out.

You'll need to be a Summer Confidence Society Gold Member (FREE) to access the Calculator and products below. Not a member? Head there now to do that and come back. It's quick and easy and you will only need to do it once. We are using a new platform called Kajabi for some of our work here at S&S which is why you need that login :)

Round and Rectangle Shapes
I've paired Roundies with Rectangles because I've observed through helping and fitting 100's of women in midlife, that Rectangles can become more of a Round shape as tummies get bigger. Maybe you've been a Round shape all of your life. Either way, swimsuit options and clothing too will be very similar for you, so do check out both shape suggestions below.

3 Swimsuit Styles for a Round Shape:
There are more than 3 but here are my faves for both the Round and Rectangle shape.

#1.The 3 Tier by Capriosca Swimwear- which comes in a Tankini Top and One Piece option. Loads of different prints and colours. The diagonal lines the tiers create visually lengthen rather than widen and they help to conceal that tummy you may be self-conscious about.

Here is the NEW Montego Print in the 3 Tier Tankini Top AND One Piece.

#2. The Tank Underwire One Piece which also comes in a Tankini. For its super supportive bust features, side panels and centre ruched panel you will feel secure and supported if you have a large but with your Round shape.
Here is it on Jane (a member of Team Roundie in the Cossie Confidence Crew) in the Black Tank One Piece. There are other options in the One Piece Section. Here it is in the Tankini in Black and White Foliage Print. Both are by Genevieve Swimwear.

#3. Crossover One Piece - that loooong diagonal line will break up your tummy area brilliantly. The neckline works well too. A more sassy style so go for it! Both Capriosca and Genevieve have versions with different features. Here is the Waikiki Crossover One Piece. If you'd like a bit more modesty about the tops of your legs with a Crossover style then the Crossover Sheath style from Genevieve is worth a look.

3 Swimsuit Styles for a Rectangle Shape:
For me, it's about creating a visual waist, a curve for the gorgeous Rectangles. Side panels help to do that.

#1.The Zip Up Frill Sleeve from Capriosca is an absolute winner. See it here on Liz (from Team Rectangle in the Cossie Confidence Crew) in Navy Blue. There are loads of other prints and plains in this style on the Capriosca website once you're over there.

#2. Contrasting Side Panels - I LOVE this one from Capriosca. In classic black and white. You can see in an instant how the visual curve is created where the white and black panels meet. Evie wears this one so well. She's on Team Rectangle with Liz. The Acapulco Zip Up One Piece. Capriosca has restocked this one because it works so well.

#3. The Bandeau - Ruching along the torso will help you feel more confident about your tummy area. The way it comes in under the bust is great for a bit of definition too. Again, this is such a winning style for Capriosca, they have it in loads of prints and colours once you are over there to check out. Here Evie is in the Black Bandeau.

2 Resortwear Styles for a Round & Rectangle Shape:
Yep, 2 for one here girls. With both the Round and Rectangle shapes, keep things simple with a straight down-the-line shift style. A style that skims not too voluminous.

1. Capriosca have the Cotton Overshirt which comes in a few colours. To go back with the new Montego print choose the Pink option if you are a cool palette girl. Of course, with a black background to this print, Black will work well too and tone things down a little.

See how the different colours work with the Montego print in the videos I've done here for the Flouncy One Piece. Another great style for a Round shape :)

2. The Pintuck Lace Trim Shirt in White by Genevieve is a simple straight through style but with a few texture embellishments going on. Around the legs and bust and not the tummy area :)

1 Swimsuit Fit Tip for a Round & Rectangle Shape:
If you are a Roundie with a fuller tummy shape and are looking at the 3 Tier One Piece, you will probably need to go up a size to get the length you need. The same goes for the zip-up with the wider fixed side panels. If you have a longer torso with your shape, then you will need to go up a size too for these styles.

Happy summer...cossies and all!
Anita xx