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Next Facebook Live Event! : Being Strong & Healthy with Wellness Expert, Peta Gillian

Anita McLachlan - 22nd April 2018

"In my 40's I had health issues and went through menopause. I thought I was not going to be a 7 to 10 kilo weight increase statistic, but I was. A weight increase started my journey or so I thought. At this stage my WHY or GOAL whatever you want to call it, was to lose weight but the really touchy feely aspect of this was to keep wearing my bikini. When you make changes you need to be really connected and emotionally involved.

We are so busy being everything to everyone that we forget about taking care of ourselves. We look in the mirror and don't recognise the woman in front of us. Then we think it is too late. It is never too late to make a change.

My real journey had started years earlier and it was actually my grandmother dying from a complication from a preventable health disease (diabetes) which was the trigger, I was 11 years old at the time. I started making changes to my life back then but never realised until later in my life. All of the generations of women in my family were and are overweight, had and have preventable health diseases, I do not at this stage in my life. That is not to say that I won't, but I am giving myself a fighting chance. I work daily at this healthy life I have chosen and I am very clear on WHY this is so important to me.

I've not always worked in the health and fitness industry but this was the point when I gave up a corporate role and started studying and here I am today loving each moment. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing another woman has reduced her medication, body fat or cholesterol. I want every woman to live a life that is "ageless" doing what they love and sharing their knowledge with the younger generation."

For the past 12+ years Peta has harnessed her learnings and has been helping other women achieve their healthy life goals through her Strong Healthy Women programs.

Over those 12+ years, hundreds of women have adopted Peta's programs. More recently she completely re-vamped her programs based on what is important to the 50+ woman. She created her own Strength and Flexibility program – FITFlex and the women 'can now do' (a phrase that has become part of their creed) activities that were starting to get difficult. 59% of her clients have been with her for over 5 years and 29% for over 10 years.

We are talking sustainable healthy lifestyles girls!

"I am not perfect, I'm on the same journey in life as my clients which means we totally relate to one another and together we achieve stronger, healthy lives."

Join us this Thursday the 28th April at 7:30pm for a Facebook Live with Peta Gillian. She is so very passionate and genuinely cares about women's confidence and well being. I know through sharing her knowledge and experience you will feel more confident in making a change in your life - no matter how small; 1 step closer to self-love.

Strong & Healthy with Peta Gillian - a Facebook Live Event
When: Thursday 26th April, 7:30pm (we will aim to finish at about 8pm)
Where: Facebook Live - on the Sequins and Sand facebook page.
How: You'll need to be a Facebook 'Liker' to see it all. Click the link here to go to our Facebook page and do just that if you're not part of our community already.

If you'd like to find Peta she's here at Strong Healthy Women and on Facebook here.

Thanks girls. Thanks Peta. It is going to be an amazing event. 1 step closer to self-love.

Let us know if you think you'll join us on the Event page here on Facebook.

Until then girls!


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