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Jump into Summer & Make Those Precious Memories | Do it for you. Do it for them. Do it for Embrace Kids.

Anita McLachlan - 21st November 2019

Summer holidays are upon us. The great Aussie tradition of hitting the beach and the pool. Time to be those we love and time to clear our head-space and take time for ourselves. Well that's the plan any way. But for many beautiful women, that plan is not always put into action - not the way in their hearts they want to anyway.

The seemingly simple act of putting on a cossie to go for a swim with the kids or a carefree walk on the beach is far from simple. Or if it does happen, it's shrouded by pressure. 'They are all staring at me, thinking that I look horrible'. 'What was she thinking?!'. The negative thoughts roll in like the waves on the beach.

But these are limiting self-beliefs. Perceptions. Born from a whole host of reasons, unique for each and every one who feels that way.

For over 10 years now, Anita McLachlan has been helping women find the right swimsuit through her online store In that time she's had 1000's of conversations with women who feel this way. Helping them to boost their beach confidence, their Cossie Confidence is her passion and it's the passion of those in the Cossie Confidence Crew too. A crew of every day women who give up their time to encourage other women to overcome their body image concerns in a swimsuit, so that they can make precious memories with those they love the most, each and every summer.

It's that kind of passion and commitment that fuels the work of the Body Image Movement too. A shared commitment to beautiful women everywhere to live life to the full, the way in their hearts they want to. It's a natural fit with the #CossieConfidence movement, supported by Sequins and Sand.

Make this summer, your summer. The Body Image Movement and Sequins and Sand is calling you to Jump Into Summer, embracing the body you have, putting a swimsuit on and make those precious memories with those you love the most.

Your family love you for who you are and want nothing more than to have you playing Marco Polo in the pool, jumping over waves and building sand castles at the beach with them. Wanting you to relax with them, not holding back. You being you, making those precious memories to last a life-time.

This summer we want YOU to embrace your body in a cossie and what better time to start than the first day of summer, December 1 which happens to be on a Sunday. Perfect!

And continue it all summer long. Encourage other friends and family members to do the same. Why not do it together?!

If it's been a while since you've felt good in a cossie then let the team at Sequins and Sand help you out. Anita and her team are devoted to it. They'd love to.

Want to see and learn about the journey other women have taken to become more confident in a swimsuit? Then head over here to the Cossie Confidence website. See how each of them wear their cossies. Women of different shapes, sizes and ages. Their stories are shared too. Their commitment to you, genuine. Their efforts are making a difference. They receive messages every week to tell them so.

But wait there's more!

For every dollar you spend at Sequins and Sand using the code JUMPINTOSUMMER, 15% will go directly to the EMBRACE KIDS documentary! This promotion will go through until the 20th December 2019.

Jump into Summer this year and make it yours. Do it with them. Do it for them. Do it for you. And help fund the Embrace Kids documentary too.