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Bras, Bathers and Breast Cancer - 24th May in Brisbane @ Sequins and Sand HQ

Anita McLachlan - 19th May 2017

Breast cancer. It's a shit of a thing and anything any of us can to do help, will. Research and awareness are critical. Check those assets yourself, have them checked, get your screening done...stay on top of it and your odds will improve.

But even the most vigilant can be hit when Breast Cancer sneaks on in. That's a cruel knock out.

On the 24th May at S&S HQ in Brisbane, we are going to try something a little different and raise money for breast cancer research. This is an event close to my heart with a very, very dear friend of mine, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the help of the awesome Carys Martin from Intimo, we are hosting Bras, Bathers and Breast Cancer where 10% of sales will be donated to support Connie and Samuels's Love Your Sister charity. You know, the dude with the uni-cycle that went around Australia. That girl with the genius idea of making the worlds biggest heart of coins..and doing it!

Get fitted by 2 fab experts for the things that support your breasts the most! And in turn, support the cause.

When: 24th May (Wednesday) - 10-2pm
Where: 60 Frasers Rd, Ashgrove, Brisbane - S&S HQ
What: Cupcakes and a Cuppa + Champas and Cheese
How: Just drop in, it's completely free. Grab a few mates and make it a girls day out! Drop a donation directly to Love Your Sister whilst you're there too.

Can't make it? Then go to Love Your Sister [here] and donate directly.

So many of us know someone, or have had breast cancer. Let's keep pushing to find a cure for all forms of breast cancer. Research is the best way and that takes cash...and lots of it.

Thanks girls.