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Swimsuit Fit Tips: The Best Tankini Top Styles for Wider Hips and Thighs

Anita McLachlan - 30th November 2019

Swimwear Fit Tips: Let's talk Tankini Tops that work best for woman with wider hips and thighs.
Having wider hips and thighs than shoulders and busts is such a common body shape. Some call it a Pear shape, others a Triangle. Whatever you call it, there are a few features to look for when buying bathers online.

Women with wider bottoms than tops are often best wearing a two piece like a Tankini because if there is more than 2 sizes difference between top and bottom, there aren't many one pieces with enough versatility in fit and sizing to fit well all over.

General Style Tips:
Now I don't like to get too technical so let's keep it simple. Think lines and proportion.
Your wider hips = a wider line in that area. 2 things:

  • try not to add to that line and make it bolder
  • create other horizontal lines up higher - at your fab natural waist and across your shoulders/bust.

Simple enough?

Specific Swimsuit Fit Tips:
It's all well and good to get the 'lines' right because that will create 'balance' and we looooove visual balance. But, we also need to get practical with coverage and support when it comes to swimwear.

If you have a Smaller Bust with your wider hips it's important to enhance your bust as much as possible and bring the attention up there, away from those hips and thighs.

  • Triangle shape tops are awesome for a smaller bust
  • Bandeau shape tops are awesome for a smaller bust
  • Embellishments like frills, folds and ruching add 'bulk' for a smaller bust
  • Prints will also help to keep the attention up

If you have say a DD cup and Up Bust then support will be important for you and it's less about creating the visual oomph. You will need:

  • Lower scoop neckline
  • V neckline - this will not only flatter your bust, it will also visually widen shoulders too

and make sure you get the support you need with:

  • Higher back - which means side boob coverage which helps heaps to give overall support
  • Wider straps - to share the load
  • Adjustable straps - so you can tighten to get the firmer fit you need specific for you

Let's take a look at a few examples - to put the theory into practice.

Best Tankini's for Hippie Chicks with a Smaller Bust
The Side Ruched style in the Raj Print ticks a lot of boxes.

  • Triangle shape bust cups - tick!
  • Empire line shape - horizontal line under bust and at your narrower, natural waist - tick!
  • Side that can shorten the top length - avoid your widest line - tick!

The Flouncy Tankini Top is great with its straight across the bust cut and banded hem which can sit up on the hips not down in the 'danger zone' :) We have it in two prints/plains:

Keep the colour up and emphasise your higher natural waist with something like the T Back Tankini style. More fitted about the bust and then a A line for more room about the hips, it might not technically tick all the boxes but it is certainly is worth a look.

See these examples in the image gallery below.

Our gorgeous Maria from the Cossie Confidence Crew is our classic Pear/Triangle shape. Maria has a 14/16 top and an 18/20 bottom with a C cup bust. Here she is here. Look for her in the images of the examples listed above too!

Best Tankini's for Hippie Chicks with a D Cup Bust and Up
In the gallery of images below you will see them in action! Here are the links to them below.

The Bandeau Tankini Top. Why? Twist ruching detail, (almost) horizontal line across the bust/shoulders especially when the straps are taken off.

The 3 Tier Tankini Top - this comes in quite a few prints and plains. Now it will add visual bulk around the belly but it also has a flattering V neckline and V shapes are emphasised with the 3 tiers of frills. There is plenty of bust support and the frills keep the attention up. Here are links to a few examples:

What are the Best Bottoms to Go with the Tankini Tops you ask?
When you have wide thighs and fuller hips, the natural temptation is to cover them up. But, less is best! A slightly higher cut or a pant leg that sits above your widest line is a great option. Avoid 'boy legs' like the plague as they will add extra width and skirted bottoms that flare out across your widest part will do the same.

I hope that helps Hippie Chicks! :)
Here's to your best summer yet with loads of #CossieConfidence

Shopping for Swimwear Online
It's not super easy shopping for swimwear online. That's why for the last 10 years we've offered no fuss, Free Returns if the fit isn't right or if you'd like to change the style, we'll pay for the postage back to us! Here is a link to our Returns Policy.

If you need more help, we are more than happy to help. Contact Us in Australia on 1300 996 256 or send us an email to

Cheers and thanks.
Anita xx
Founder: Sequins and Sand + Cossie Confidence + Shine. The Summer Retreat

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