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How to include Kind Movement in your day - with Erica Webb

Anita McLachlan - 11th April 2020

Movement is medicine. And now, more than ever, in Corona Isolation and lockdown, we need to move for our health and well being. But where do you start? What moves are gentle and effective so that you can handle the change and feel better for it.

How do 'snacks' sound? Erica's snacks are so good for you. Small, simple movements to include in your day to help you relax and get through. Kind movements that can have us feeling better, helping us to learn more about ourselves as we do. Nothing strenuous. No guilt permitted. We love that!

Using the modalities of Yoga, Pilates and Somatic Exercise, Erica helps busy women who want to prioritise their self-care, shift from tense and disconnected to feeling flexible, strong and reconnected with their body.

Her approach to movement centres on compassionate curiosity and kindness and gently looking for ways to move and explore beyond our habits. "I believe that moving well can help us to feel well, and exploring the ways we respond to movement can lead us on a journey of understanding ourselves more clearly."

"I'm keen on kindness, deeply curious and driven to bring more joy, wonder and comfort to peoples' lives." We love that!

On the 9th of April we chatted to Erica about her movement philosophy. She also took us through a few 'snacks' focusing on our shoulders, because they get a huge work out every day and we don't even realise it. And we could sit to do them!

If you missed the session, you can catch the recording below. It's really, really interesting AND if you do the shoulder moves, you'll feel better for it too!

Erica runs a yoga and pilates practice from home in Melbourne and has many of her 'movement snacks' online. She'd love for you to give them a go. Find them on her website - Erica Webb Yoga and Pilates and on her Facebook page here. She's just started a Podcast too! So dedicated and clever :)

Thanks Erica! Erica has 2 more sessions with us on the 29th of April and 14th of May.

About our Lunchtime Lives - Community Connection Series:
We host these live 30 minute sessions on the Sequins and Sand Facebook page every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from the 7th of April until the 26th of June. During lockdown. To help you get through. A place to come back to time and time again to ground you in the swirling change.

To learn and chat about the stuff that we find interesting...the stuff that matters:

  • Community
  • Health
  • Motivation & Mindset
  • Fitness & Movement
  • Natural Beauty
  • Style and
  • Travel

There are 13 women, each experts in their field. Good women. Really good women who want to reach out and help too.
You will love them all.

If you can't join us at 12pm for each session, then recordings will stay in our Facebook feed and also be posted on the Sequins and Sand You Tube Channel. There is a Lunchtime Lives playlist we've put them all in.
Blog articles like this will also be posted on the Sequins and Sand website adding to each topic as we go along with links to recordings of the live sessions.

We look forward to seeing you pop in!

Take care girls.

Anita xx
Founder: Sequins and Sand | Cossie Confidence | Shine - the Summer Retreat