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Your Cossie Confidence & The Women Who Show It's Possible

Anita McLachlan - 5th March 2022

Cossie Confidence (Swimsuit Confidence for our friends beyond Australia) is a journey. It may sound cliché but it's true. How you feel about you, your body in a swimsuit will change over the years as your life-stage changes, your body ages and its shape changes. It will either hold you back or unlock joyous moments, the memories of a magical summer and beyond.

Cossie Confidence the mission, began as an idea, in 2015 and has been on its journey too.
We've learned, adapted and grown in confidence each and every year.

That's what I'd love to showcase for you today. A tad self-indulgent perhaps, but always with a pure heart and motive.

There are videos and images from each of the Crew to see, watch and listen to. To feel the love and genuine care for each of you and your Cossie Confidence no matter where you are on your journey.

Let's go!

2015 is where It began with a simple wordpress site and the lovely Jenni Eyles from Styling Curvy who was our cover girl and lead story. It was out there so now, we needed to build.

2016 we listened and learned. More and more women were telling us their body confidence stories and I knew we had to do more. The momentum was building and the mission became clearer.

2017 Re-Crewting started for more girls to get on board and help spread the messages of encouragement and to show the way.
• With Ambassadors – Jane, Maz, Vita & Kate who each did their own photos and posts
• And a shoot with – Kate, Evie, Helen, Liz, Katrina, Karen, Clair, Fiona and Me.

We captured Kate's story on video and photos of the girls in their swimmers. Different shapes, different styles. Maybe you see your shape in theirs. Perhaps Kate's story sounds familiar?

2018 We went national. 14 Crew members from every state and territory.
Kate (WA), Evie (SA), Liz, Tatia, Tracey and Fiona (QLD), Jane, Maz and Vita (NSW), Suzie and Jacqui (VIC), Lara (ACT), Susan (TAS) and Jo (NT). Links to their stories are below in the Watch section.
Everyone spoke about what Cossie Confidence means to them and their Turning Point. Each wants their story to inspire others to get into a Cossie and live their best summer.

2019 It got very personal. With many of the Crew continuing on, Rosa, Melisa, Amanda and Maria joined in for the first time. The girls dug deeper and drew on their personal experiences to make a wish for each and every one of you. It got very personal. I AM...was the theme.

Watch some of the girls share their wish for you: Jacqui, Mel, Maria and Jane in the Watch section below.

Here is our powerful I AM message theme from 2019.

2020 Covid struck a blow but the girls were determined to do something. Our much loved 'together' shoot became 4: The Beach, Burbs, Bay and Bush shoots. The girls did a sensational job pulling it all together in each of their 'zones'.

2021 Covid interfered but we did manage a smaller group of regular Crew members Tatia, Jacqui and Maria gathering with wonderful re-enforcements in Rachael, her mum Marg and Tammie. It was incredible to see Alison and Sue blossoming at this shoot too testing their Cossie Confidence having joined the Crew from The Summer Confidence Society membership community. Incredible! Proof that the membership does for women what it sets out to...helping them grow in confidence to live a wonderful summer, no holding back.

Here is a video where the girls share their Cossie Confidence journeys. Maybe how they once felt is similar to how you feel now. Now that it's possible to live a summer the way in your heart you want to, know holding back.

2022 It could be You  We'll do it again and all who are part of The Summer Confidence Society will be able to join in. That is the doorway into this incredible experience. We next open the membership up again in June this year and will be posting more about it as we get closer to that time. In the interim join the waitlist and find out as soon as that happens.

Take care, and be kind to you. Stay connected.

Anita xx

Photo gallery: