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The best beach wear for Curvy Girls: kaftans, swimwear & prints to make you look fab

Anita McLachlan - 1st November 2009

Does your curvy figure make you feel self-conscious when summer rolls around? Don't despair. With the right clothes and accessories you can walk tall and reclaim your natural confidence.

Curves may seem unmanageable at times, but the upside is they create a waist and that makes you the envy of all other women. This cheat sheet of the perfect kaftans, swimwear, prints, pants and accessories to wear, will have you looking your fabulous best.


  • Don't look past a One Piece, especially those that have details that meet at your waist (like diagonal lines or ruching that meets at a point). Look for styles with 'power netting' or waist minimising fabric to firm you up a little and accentuate your gorgeous curves. A slightly higher leg will also lengthen your legs and distract from lumpy thighs. Necklines: look for deep 'V' or low and wide necklines to bring out the best in your bust. Bandeau styles are perfect.
  • Tankinis are another great option as they are essentially a two-piece posing as a one-piece. Look for a cross-over style that nips in a waist beautifully. A cunningly placed print that sits about the waist will also do all kinds of good things to draw attention to your lovely assets.
  • If anyone can wear a bikini it's you! With a great bust and gorgeous hips, a bikini will draw attention to your best bits, showing off your wondrous waist as it goes. A classic bikini pant that sits on your hips with a slightly higher leg is perfect. If you have a large bust, do give it good support with an underwire or reinforced cup. Getting your busts up and out will accentuate your waist even more. Lovely!

Kaftans and Cover Ups

  • Anything that nips in at your waist is going to make the most of your shape. Look for pieces that are darted at the back and bust, or cut on the bias – BUT only at the waist, not full length. That will only cling to your hips – bad news if you're not particularly in love with your thighs.
  • A lovely open neckline will break up your bust and stop it from looking 'blocky'. Go for a neckline that can be tied up or let loose, giving you flexibility and options. (A girl's got to have options.)
  • Go knee-length if you must, but only if your thighs really bother you. Otherwise, go for a shorter cut and let those legs see the light of day.
  • In summary: Fitted more about the waist, darted at the back, and with a deep neckline will always be a winner.

The general rule is that curves go with curves, so prints featuring feminine rounded shapes will suit you best. This applies to everything you wear and carry: handbags, clutches, shoes (rounded toes will look better on you than pointy ones) and jewellery. The bigger you are, the bigger print you can carry off. It's a proportion thing.

Pants and Trousers
A wider leg will work wonders for you, balancing out your top and bottom brilliantly. Traditional palazzos that just fall from the hip are the perfect cut.

Rejoice, because you will look great in a lovely wide brim hat. (That proportion thing again.) Great curves will balance out the fullness of the hat brilliantly. Again, it's a more rounded shape that will work best for you.

At Sequins & Sand we understand troublesome body bits – we've got them too – but we know a trick or two about making the most of your natural shape. If you're not sure what to wear, just ask us! We love to help, and we're dedicated to finding you the best kaftans and swimwear for taming your bothersome bits.

Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.

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