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Hate Shopping For Swimwear? 6 Tips To Make It Easier.

Anita McLachlan - 7th October 2020

Dread shopping for swimwear? You are definitely not alone.

Inspecting yourself wearing bathers, in a 4-way change room mirror with terrible lighting and a critical eye doesn't usually top the list of 'fun stuff' to do on the weekend!

When you don't enjoy the process of shopping for swimwear, you just want to get it over and done with - which is totally understandable. Why prolong the change room discomfort?

So you settle for a cossie that 'will do' - instead of one you absolutely love and feel your best in. Then you feel self-conscious all summer wearing it which reinforces the whole idea that "Arrgh! shopping for swimwear is the worst, nothing ever looks good."

Girls, it doesn't have to be that way! Believe me, that perfect swimsuit IS out there for you and I can help you to find it.

I've got a few tips to help you track down THE cossie that'll have you feeling confident and fabulous this summer. You might even find shopping for swimwear more enjoyable...dare I say, fun!

Tip #1: Have an open mind
Here's a truth I've learnt from more than a decade of helping women find swimwear they feel confident in...

Finding the right cossie doesn't actually start with your size or shape.

It starts with an open mind!

Having an open mind is the start of a successful cossie shopping experience. It lets you welcome new possibilities and avoid the self-limiting trap of what you've done before.

Tip #2: Work your favourite assets

Flabby belly, Ceasar scars, big belly, big boobs, small boobs, wide hips...we all have parts that we wish were a bit better.

Instead, choose to focus on the part(s) of your body that are your best assets because we've all got those too!
Also, focus on swimwear styles that give support to the body parts that practically need it to help you feel comfortable.

A few quick tips to fine-tune your figure in swimwear:

  • A high back: Means more coverage under the arms too and that's great for added bust support.
  • V Necklines and lower scooped necklines: Flattering for a bigger bust.
  • Ruching and gathering: Great for camouflaging and supporting a troublesome tummy. Also expands to add length for a longer torso figure.
  • Frills, ruffles, and details on top: Perfect to add volume for small busts.
  • Patterns and prints: Are the master of disguise. Use them to your advantage!
  • Smart straps: Wide straps will help spread the load for a heavier bust and maximise comfort. Adjustable straps get a bust up and ensure a secure, customer fit.
  • A midrise leg: Does the trick nicely with a balance of flattering coverage and support
  • High waisted bottoms: Support and flatten the tummy.

Tip #3: Ignore the size but know your numbers

This is one of the best tips I can give you for a successful cossie shopping experience - forget about the size!

All labels sizes fit differently and even within the same label, different cuts will fit differently too.

Don't use your clothing size as a guide either as swimwear is usually a more snug fit.
For example, if you're a size 14 in clothes you could easily be a 16 in a cossie.

So definitely do yourself a favour and ignore the size. Focus on what feels good when it's on and looks amazing!

When shopping online knowing your Bust, Cup, Waist and Hip measurements is a huge advantage. Compare these to the Size Chart you'll find on all good online stores. Even better, use a Size Calculator feature like the one here on The Change Room page at Sequins and Sand. Just type in your measurements and the suggested Size immediately appears! It's a great starting point.

Tip #4: Hit the shops during a quieter time of the day

Nothing worse than trying on swimmers with a line of people waiting to get into change rooms. We don't make the best decisions when we're feeling rushed and flustered - especially with swimwear. You really want to take your time.

Try to block out at least a few hours on a day you don't have a million things to do and choose times of the day that are quieter at the shops.

Choose the stores that offer the shopping experience you feel most comfortable with too.

For example, you might prefer more private change room experience (no one asking over the door "How's the fit?") or you might like to have someone help you personally.

Boutique stores tend to offer more personalised attention while many department stores leave you to browse and try on your own.

Tip #5: Buy online with an online fitting service - like ours at Sequins and Sand!
Forget cold changerooms, unflattering mirrors and those glaring overhead lights! Buying online makes for a more comfortable cossie shopping experience.

With our brand new feature The Change Room you'll get everything you need to find your perfect fit. You can shop by size or shape, use our handy chat feature for friendly expert advice or take our Find Your Fit Quiz.

We get your purchase out to you quickly and you can try it on in the comfort of your own home. You'll be able to move around, stretch, see yourself from all angles in the mirror without feeling rushed into a decision.

Tip #6: Be kind to you

Imagine your bestie asked you to go shopping with her. She wanted help to find the right swimmers and wasn't feeling so confident.

You'd go along to help. You'd point out all her good bits, encourage her to try different things and just generally, be a supportive, positive shopping buddy!

Be that friend to you.

Do your best to turn off any negative self-commentary and speak kind words to yourself. Girls, we can be so hard on ourselves!

Your body does amazing things every day. Don't waste precious time sitting on the sidelines feeling self-conscious when you'd just love to be out there going for it. Make those memories with those you love and who love you now.

We know now, more than ever (in COVID times) to make the most of every opportunity we have today for tomorrow, it could be taken away.

Believe in you, your beauty and your body. You are enough. And you can find a swimsuit that you feel great in just as you are right now!

Want a little more help? We offer tailored advice to suit the level of help you're looking for from placing a call, dropping an email, taking Find Your Fit Quiz to a 1:1 Virtual Style Session. Find our most helpful help options all in one convenient place we've called The Change Room.

We'd love to help you discover the perfect cossie. Book a Virtual Swimsuit Style Session and we'll make deciding easy with a stunning hand-picked selection of swimsuits to flatter your shape and fill you with cossie confidence.

Happy summer ladies!

Anita xx
Sequins and Sand