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NEW! Winter Basics with a Twist and Layering Legends from Eb&IVe & Isle of Mine

Anita McLachlan - 12th May 2017

Winter is never really heavy here at S&S. Being all about getting you summer holiday ready, it's always about Travelwear fabulous clothing to wear on the plane, in transit and for when the weather might turn a little.

This winter we've kept things tidy and tight. Not in the fit, but in the offering. A travel capsule to freshen up your looks and put a pep in your step when you're out and about and heading off on your holiday.

Basics with a Twist - the 'Tailed' T Dress:
We all have long sleeve T's but this one caught my eye because it can behave in different ways and the look is casual chic. And when you're traveling, you need to do much with less.
The long hemline at the back is so feminine and flattering and the finish on the hemlines is lovely.

To achieve a polished layering look means having layers of different lengths that come together to tell the story. Peeping through with different colours and textures too.

This Montage T Dress does all that and more. It will stand alone proudly too and serve you well as a stand out piece. It's fantastic!

Long Line Vest - the Hunter:
Again, another layering legend, this Hunter Vest will change an outfit so easily and brilliantly. Faux leather pockets make this one a stand out. And again, it's light and easy to stash away. Genius! Layers so well over the T Dress.

Poncho Power:
Again for their versatility, ponchos are great. This year we've gone with 2 styles.

: The Cashmere Wool blend - sure, it's a bit heavier, but there is nothing like cashmere when traveling. It will keep you so warm without the bulk of so many other fabrics. The beauty of this poncho is that there is a single button on either side holding it in place. A place for your arms to go without it riding up! Then, undo the button and wear it as a wrap. As a blanket on the plane!

: Cute Poncho with a long cuff sleeve! - and this one because it is a bit of fun and again, will stay on! Not as large as the Kwaza cashmere and wool poncho, this one is lighter with less width, so if you tend to get lost in all that fabric, this one, the Pariana, is a fab option.

Necklaces & Mini Clutches:
Look, there is simply no easier, more cost effective or just down right better way to change the look of an outfit than with accessories. So we've sprinkled in a few gorgeous necklaces in different textures...tassels, wood and metal. Great neutrals and textures you'll love.

And then there's the Mini Clutches! My personal fave. In wondrous frosted metal tones of gold, bronze, pewter and silver...they will hold a lippie and a phone and a few cards. Perfect for putting your essentials in for a day or night out (they come with a detachable wrist band too!) or in your bigger bag or carry-on so you can find them in a snap! Love, love, love!

Well that's it for this tidy little capsule. Sprinkle it in with your jeans and boots and you'll have a fresh travel and transit look that is something a little different with a fab feel good factor. Thank you Eb&Ive and Isle of Mine.

Thanks girls.

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