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Swimsuit Confidence


For a Stylish Sun Safe Summer with Extra Confidence

Anita McLachlan - 20th September 2023

Extra coverage from the sun to enjoy your beach and pool days CAN be super stylish. The Es Una range of thoughtfully crafted beachwear is the answer!

Hello girls! How are you? I hope you're well. Have you been enjoying the sunshine? Dreaming of it? In BrisVegas it's been amazingly gorgeous for this time of year.

This blog post celebrates a brilliant Australian label. A label with wonderful values, generous heart and a thoughtfully stylish range that's sun-smart too - Es Una.

A collection of extraordinary Beachwear designed to wear over your bathers. A more modest option, made from swimsuit fabric. Beachwear with the coverage you need from the sun as well as the coverage you may need for your body confidence, for any skin condition.

Swim, stroll, row and paddle in it. Go down the water slide in it. Then wear it out to lunch! Smart swimwear for skin and body confidence. And that's not all...

  • UPF 50+ - maximum sun protection built-in the fabric
  • Eco-friendly fabric - made from recycled fishing nets
  • Made in Australia
  • Australian woman-owned company with brilliant values - Lyndal Sterenberg is the owner and keeper of the label's values.

The Back Story:
We all love a good backstory. Es Una's is wonderful.

"As I looked around on the beach, I noticed that there were fewer women my age than any other. Why was that?" So she dug deeper and did the research. This is what Lyndal learned.

Reasons women in midlife don't go to the beach are distilled down to the 3 core reasons.

  • Body consciousness - ashamed of their body or 'bits of it'.
  • Wanting to be sun-safe and not expose their skin to the sun
  • Medical conditions that made them extra sensitive to the sun

Coupled with the fact her daughter couldn't find a rashie that she wanted to wear - that looked more like her and not something a boy or small child would wear.

Es Una was born, as a solution to these concerns, these problems.

The Range:
So versatile, you can wear Es Una pieces beyond the beach and pool - to get more bang for your buck as well as the convenience and ease of it all. Do more with less. Less packing, fewer changes...more time to do what matters most.

You'll find it all in the Es Una range at S&S here. There are more options over at the Es Una online store.

Discover more about each core style in the Es Una collection, explained by Lyndal in our great LIVE chat (recording) Lyndal talks about the purpose behind each design, their key features. She also talks about WHY women wear WHAT they wear in her range so you can get a feel for the practicalities! It really is a great chat.

If you'd rather read than watch (or do both), I've listed each of them below with brief descriptions and why you might wear each style.

Beach Pants:
"She hated her ankles so she didn't walk on the beach, because she didn't like the option of wearing regular clothing."

The Solution: Es Una Beach Pants.

Cover up to protect my skin as I'm in the water, by the water and on it. Because I don't want to show so much of my body.

The Solution: Beach Dresses. Different styles with different features to work with different body shapes. For different activities. To wear over your bathers.

  • Long Sleeve Zip Front Rashie Dress - Adjust the length to suit your height, shape and needs. Straight through style.
  • Short Sleeve Zip Front Rashie Dress - as above but with a short flutter sleeve.
  • A-Line Rashie Dress - a slightly narrower fit with an A-Line shape. The simplest style. In 2 plain colours black + navy and a print.
  • Cover Up Rashie Dress. A more generous fit. Women wear this one for canoeing and paddle boarding. Because of the extra fullness, it won't ride up as much and the thumb holes keep it in place with hands staying sun protected. In Navy.
  • Shoulder Shrug Rashie Dress - looks like a fashion dress. Lyndal says she has sold many to women going to Noosa. That's an insight. The shops are just behind the beach can do both without having to change!

Cross Over & Knot Tops:
Brilliantly versatile styles - wear them in the water, on your walk, and out and about enjoying your day.
Wear it a number of ways too - longer at the front than the back so you can tie it easily in different ways. As is, open knotted to the sides or wrap it around as a blouse style to keep it in place a bit more.

Zipper Rashie Top:
Problem: I don't want a rashie that clings so closely.
The Solution: A rashie top that is not fitted! In Teal and Navy.

Swim Shorts:
Problem: I don't like my legs. I don't want to deal with my bikini line :) I need more coverage when I'm active.
The Solution: Swim shorts. THE best sellers here at S&S and for Es Una too! To match the core colours in the range.

Problem: I don't like my legs but I don't want shorts.
The Solution: A skirt with built in shorts underneath. Yep, skorts! You may have worn them on the netball court, but now you can wear them to the beach and pool too :)

Lyndal listens to what women want, that they can't find. She researches and responds. It's such a wonderful range. We look forward to this coming summer when a new print in these trusted styles emerges.


Thank you so much for all your ongoing support, particularly during this messy middle transition phase. We are making progress but it's tiny steps as some in our team navigate Covid recovery. We appreciate your support and patience. We look forward to revealing our new look soon :) Take care.