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So What If Your Figure Has Changed. Your Bikini Awaits. Here's How To Find It.

Anita McLachlan - 22nd February 2020

How to get a Bikini Body? Get a Bikini. Put it on your Body. Boom! Yep we've heard that before and it's absolutely true! But what I also know to be true after 10 years of helping beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and ages find a swimsuit that's right for them, is that that seemingly simple statement, as true as it is, can be difficult to do.

Bodies change over the years for a whole host of reasons and this makes many of us more self-conscious. Odds on you feel deflated, your confidence has taken a hit (or 3) and you feel old. You know that you shouldn't feel this way, but you do. Many of us do. As we change and age, we find ourselves needing more support physically too. Pregnancies, menopause, medications, cancer treatments, operations...all contribute in their own sweet way to have our bellies, boobs and bums heading in all directions in ways we never saw coming.

Some may say 'just get over it' and do it, but a better way, I find, is to build bikini confidence up, step by step.

So if your goal is to get back into a bikini, I assure you there is a way. It's all about finding the right style for your shape and your head space. Time to prioritise!

It's true, being in a bikini means baring more body parts. But rather than worrying about your list of perceived 'body problem areas' you'll reveal to the world, I'm asking you to choose one. The one that worries you the most. This is our starting point. Our first step to finding the best bikini for your shape and your confidence.

Deep breath. Let's go.

Belly Shy?: if you're more conscious about your belly than any other body part, then exposing it in a bikini is probably going to make you break out into a cold sweat.

Answer: Go for a smaller gap between top and bottom. Look for a top that's 'deeper' and a bottom that's fuller. The Frill Bikini Top is perfect for you. Add a high waisted pant and the gap between top and bottom is only about 5cm (depending on your torso length). Head to the images below to illustrate what I mean.

Bonus! These tops work well for a B-E cup, possibly F and offer great bust support too. The straps are a great width to carry the load when needed. They're also fully adjustable so you can bring it in to suit your size and shape.

Double Bonus! The high waisted pants offer great tummy coverage and support. Look for those with Powermesh lining in the front for extra hold.

Boob Conscious?:
As we age, boobs can lose their 'perkiness' and head south. They can also head west and east too feeling super soft, spilling out and over the top. Coverage is key and so is Support. And the two often go together. You may demand an underwire for support and that's fine. But keep an open mind, because support comes from more than an underwire alone.

Support = Underwire (yes and no - it can sometimes get in the way) + Deep Cups (top to bottom) + Wide Straps (to carry the load) + Adjustable Straps (to tighten and get a firm fit). And if we were talking Tankini or One Pieces, I'd add High Back.

With this bikini top, the deep cups keeps boobs contained while the gathering, allows your bust to 'fill it forward'. Great if you have a narrower back with your full bust. There's also an added band under the bust for extra support. Then you tie it at the back to suit. Shoulder straps are wider and fully adjustable. Check out the Underwire Bikini Top in Honeycomb Plumb - for DD-G cups.

If east and west spillage is more your concern then look for a bikini top that's wider under the arm with side boning for extra support. Think strong structure and armour!

Just one look at the Raphael bikini top and you'll know in an instant what I mean. We call it the swim bra because it has pouches for bust prosthesis (more on that below) too. It ticks all the boxes for a fuller, big bust. A style to wear confidently under a swim top or rashie.

Like something that's a more 'sexy' then this traditional 'bra' style bikini top is one for you. Strong construction with fine padding for a 'smooth boob finish'. Underwire, side boning and sized for cups - D/DD, E, F and G.

Then there's the Bandeau Bikini Top. Bandeaus typically sit more 'straight across' and have the option of being worn strapless. Now I wouldn't advise strapless for a fuller bust if one is going to be 'active', but lazing about? Why not. AND this one does have underwire, side boning and a deep cup. D-E cups (possibly F) will fit this style. Cossie Confidence Crew member Jo loves hers and her #1 concern is great bust support. She's in the main picture above!

Boobs Small? Has the life has been sucked out of them (literally)? Or is it that you've never really had much in that department?

Either way your best friend are styles that have a Triangle Cup Shape and/or with adornments and additions to make them appear bigger, like frills. The crop top style is also a great one for you, especially if you're active in the water.

The Tall Poppy Surf range of bikini tops for a smaller bust is fabulous. Poppy custom makes her togs too so you can get the fit that's right for you. Here's her range of Bikini Tops in crop and triangle cup shapes.

Then there's this one from the Capriosca Swiwmear range that has a double frill. We've had B and C cup customers love this fit. Like our Donna from the Cossie Confidence Crew.

A Twist Front is a smaller bust's friend. Adding a little volume to the front is always helpful. This style from Artesands combines twist with triangles! The Delacroix.

No Boobs? I'm so very sorry. What a horrible journey you've been on. Breast cancer is a giant sh#t sandwich.

You'll need something that will take your prosthesis (without having to disfigure it in the process) and hide and protect any scaring and sensitive skin. Most bikini tops in their description will mention the word 'Mastectomy' in them. What that usually means is that there's a pocket or pouch for you to slip your prosthesis in to. Now I'll be honest. If you have say a B-C cup then you'll find it easier than girls with D cup and up prosthesis because swimsuit labels just don't make the entry points big enough and flexible enough. They're getting better but more needs to be done. In the meantime, we offer an Alterations Service to widen and elasticise those openings which is pretty simple and easy to do. But if there is a swimsuit that you love that doesn't come with a built in pouch, we can have one put in for you. Now this alteration is major and involves a lot of work and it will be different for each swimsuit, but it is doable. Contact Us if you'd like to chat about these alteration and we'll work it out for you.

Bottom Bum You Out?:
Big, Flat or maybe combined with your hips, that part of your anatomy is Wider than your top. Whatever the worry, there is an answer for your bottom woes.

Big and Wide Bottoms - contrary to what you might think, bigger, wider bottoms actually look great with less fabric and a slightly higher leg.

But, I totally get that keeping them covered will give you the confidence you need to step out into a bikini. A full brief with a high waist pant is very popular, for all different sizes and shapes. The coverage and support it offers, makes you feel good. So go for it! Look for Powermesh linings for extra support or at least, 2 layers of fabric.

Find them all here (there are too many to list individually).

Narrow Hips? Many will envy you but if you are conscious of your narrow hips, then like busts, add visual volume with side ties and details to give you a little extra width like this one. And your shape is great for a Boyleg cut! Swim shorts are becoming so popular, like these in the Es Una range. Wear a bikini bottom under (or not). The Drawstring side styles are popular too from Coola Cozzies.

Flat Bum?
It's very common for us to loose our glutes with age. And often with that tummies get bigger. Double whammy. That's why we offer Alterations where legs are taken in. It works a treat! There really is no other fix for a flat bottom with a fuller tummy combo. Wearing a full brief, high waisted bikini bottom backwards may help, but that's not for everyone. Taking them in, is. Click here to find out more.

Not sure? We received this email from Jocelyn the other day after she'd had her 'legs taken in'.
"Just received my bathers which you altered for me....quick service too.......the good news is they are great!!!!!! Legs taken in just right and no more flapping in the breeze!!!!! I would not hesitate to have this service done again.......Thanks Anita for a great service, and wonderful bathers for all sizes........Cheers Jocelyn....Sydney."

Phew! There was a lot in there to digest. Hopefully you can find the bits that are more relevant to you and dive deeper into those. If you need a hand the girls and I would love to help you out. Just Contact Us to connect!

We do understand that getting back on the Bikini horse can be daunting and staying up there can be too. That's why we offer Free Returns. Always have, always will. Endless express post exchanges until you feel great and have found YOUR fit :)

Filling out our online Find Your Fit form helps hugely too. 90% of women who fill this out are happy with the purchases they make from the suggestions we offer up.

Maybe it will work for you too. Remember, we're here to help!
Have fun exploring armed with your top tips for the bikini tops and bottoms that work best for your shape. Mix and Match away!

Thanks so much.
Sequins and Sand

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