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Flawless Summer Makeup - with Marni Robinson - Makeup Artist to the Stars!

Anita McLachlan - 12th February 2018

When you've had over 15 years in the makeup artistry industry and your clients include Jennifer Hawkins, Amanda Keller, Jane Kennedy and Bob Hawke just to name a few, you obviously know your stuff, and you're damn good at it.

We are so very excited here at Sequins and Sand to be working with Marni to bring you all sorts of fabulous how-to's and info to help you with your makeup confidence. Our plans are almost done. In the meantime, we thought you might like to get an insight into what makes Marni tick and pick up a few top tips as you do in this Fast 5 with Marni.

A: Marni, you've been a make-up artist for 15 years. That's a shed load of experience and know-how! Where have you honed your craft and who have you worked with that we might know of?

M: Hey Anita! I studied makeup in my 20's with the renowned Peter Frampton (Oscar winner and amazing mentor) and have been working in the industry ever since. I have done makeup for so many you might know; too many to mention!! Of the better known are Jennifer Hawkins, Ruby Rose, Wendi Murdoch, loads of Prime Ministers, even Bob Hawke! Amanda Keller, Jane Kennedy, Kate Miller-Heidke. But my favourite people to do are every day people for that transformation that they feel! The famous people are fun, of course!!

A: OMG! you're just showing off :)

A: In that time, you've done more than makeup artistry. Where has your journey taken you and what do you love most about what you do?

M:I still love Makeup. I love the difference it makes to people's confidence, which is why I still do makeup lessons. I am passionate about helping people learn skills that are super easy, but effective and practical. Once I had some kids, the freelance side of my business was no longer as much fun, due to the demands of motherhood. Around the time I was having my second I was introduced to a skin technology by a highly respected colleague. This changed my focus a lot. It goes really well with makeup. I have passionately shared that product, as I have literally never seen anything like it.

A: When we first met about 9 years ago, you found me THE perfect eye shadow. I will never forget it. It was incredibly simple to use. What should every woman (35 and over) have in her arsenal of makeup products?

M:Ok. I am a big fan of illuminator pen, needs to be seen to be believed, if you don't know that, that is!! You wear it under the eye and it brightens you up no end!!!! Eye Primer - a complete must have. Worn on the eye lid, either on its own for a brightening effect, or under eye shadow to make it last, and make the colour more impacting. I love cream blush. And I am a sucker for a liquid highlight, especially on the cheek bone.

A: I have none of those! I'm already learning heaps :)

A: Have you got a few makeup hacks for a time poor woman?

M: Get your brows professionally done, so you don't have to touch them too much. The tint gets all of the little tiny hairs that you can't see and strengthens the shape. Great brows are a games changer. Make sure you get a referral from a friend as often brows don't grow back if you get a bad job! ALL of my makeup tips are very practical and quick, I am all about the real woman. No crazy contouring and timely non sense here!

A: Every paint job starts with the right prep. Is it the same for makeup? How important is it that our skin be in good condition before we even consider makeup? How do we know whether it's in good nick or not?

M: Hydration in skin is EVERYTHING. I have struggled with dehydrated skin forever, along with loads of sun damage and premature ageing, and big pores. It is hard for makeup to sit right on skin that is dehydrated. Skin is the thing. I have always tried to hydrate my skin with creams and serums, unsuccessfully. I only recently found a way to combat the dehydration. - with a breathable barrier that you wear on top of your skin while you sleep. Normally while you sleep, moisture evaporates from our skin, where this barrier traps the bodies own moisture, which, over the course of time, leads to a completely hydrated dermis. Once the skin is hydrated, wrinkles soften and often disappear altogether, and so do pores!! I no longer have large pores!!! And makeup sits beautifully and you use so much less.

A: Brilliant! Thanks a million Marni. We are just scratching the surface with this 'Fast 5'. You're a deep, vast well of knowledge girl! I'm sure our girls will want to learn more from you. I do! It's been too long.

News Just In! You can catch Marni hosting a Makeup Workshop at Browzing Bulimba in Brisbane - Friday 16th Feb | 7-9pm | It's a fabulous hands on learning experience where you will learn how to do your own "daytime makeup" and then also transform it into a stunning "night time makeup"!
"With over 15 years experience as a very successful international makeup artist, Marni Robinson has seen and knows a lot! Her client list is impressive; Jennifer Hawkins, Jane Kennedy, Kate Miller-Heidke, Amanda Keller and even Bob Hawke! But her greatest joy comes from working with every day women who's confidence soar after their transformations. Passing on her knowledge and insider tips and tricks to help others help themselves with their skin and makeup, so very rewarding. Find Marni showcasing her craft and join her for makeup lessons at The Foundation and at Brisbane's Browzing where she teams up with the team there to host Makeup Events. Mad on Insta you'll find her here and on Facebook too.

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