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Packing for 10 days in Fiji

Anita McLachlan - 16th October 2015

When packing for a summer holiday, it doesn't matter whether it's for 3 days or 10, this one rule will clear your mind, gather your thoughts and reduce the clutter in your summer suitcase.

"Wear the night before what you'll wear the next day." It means that you're keeping your clothes sweat and sunscreen free for longer and wear those outfits more efficiently. Less is more girls!

And I always carry in my pack flat beach bag a UPF50+ wrap, hat and rashie so I never get caught out.

Rather than create a list, I've created a Day by Day picture book of sorts so you can see how the items in each outfit are rotated through and what accessories are used to finish them off each day and night.

Just click on each image below and it will enlarge, so you can see the details.


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