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How to Travel With Less Stress - Top Tips from Lea @ hello me Escapes

Anita McLachlan - 9th April 2020

Part of the Travel Topic in our 35 part 'Lunchtime Live - Community Connection Series' here at Sequins and Sand. Group travel and event management expert Lea from hello me shares with us her top tips for traveling with less stress. Having been in the travel industry for 30 years, Lea knows a thing or two about how to travel well and she's a mighty fine woman too. This list of Stress Busters are her top tips for traveling with less stress.

You can also download them as a pdf at the bottom of this blog post too. Miss our chat with Lea? You can catch it below on in the Video replay.

Thanks girls! Thanks Lea.
Anita xx

How to Travel with Less Stress
You will never travel without some stress, but...there are ways to reduce it. Here are our Stress Busters for stress-less travel.

Lea's Stress Busters:
Be organised as much as possible, do some research beforehand so you get to know where you are going.

  • Travel Documents: carry in your hand luggage. Before you go photocopy all travel docs including flight tickets, passport, itinerary, credit cards, accommodation address and leave it with someone you trust at home.
  • Medication: Carry your script with you or original script container and carry in your hand luggage where possible. Medications need to be authentically labelled.
  • Travel clothes: Nothing worse when you choose clothes which may look fabulous but after a few hours travelling you start to find restrictive and uncomfortable. Go for comfort and remember planes can become quite cool so carry a shawl or long sleeve top.
  • Money conversion: have local currency when you arrive at a destination. Airport conversion rates are not always the best.
  • Multipurpose charging plug: for those times when you are caught out at an airport, train station bus stop and need to charge phone, ipad etc. Be mindful that communal charging docks at airports etc can easily be hacked!
  • Global roaming – Turn off before you leave the airport, research your phone plan options and/ or research local sim cards.
  • Size of luggage does make a difference. The less you pack the better and the smaller the case the better. Try and get down to an international carry on size bag so you don't risk it getting delayed or lost.
  • Down time entertainment: Always carry something with you where you can "lose yourself " – ie book, e reader, puzzles etc
  • Choose your seat ahead of travel: Yes, may cost a little extra but at least you won't be stuck in the middle.
  • Travel List / Packing List – Budget Direct have an easy to use interactive travel list which you can design around your destination.
  • Jewellery: Would suggest not wearing or carrying your favourite pieces in case stolen, lost or giving a message of wealth so could be a target.
  • Even when on train, plane or coach always keep an eye on your case. Don't put any valuables in luggage where you cannot see it – carry everything on your person.
  • Mindset – very important to take a back step when everything is out of your control – breathe. There are always solutions once you can clear your mind.

Happy travels!
Lea – hello me

File download:

Download File: Stress Buster List from Lea at hello me.pdf (PDF 189.1 kb)