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Thank You! We Raised $1100+ for Melanoma Research & Emma!

Anita McLachlan - 3rd March 2017

March was all about Melanoma here at S&S. Raising awareness and much needed funds for research - to eradicate this horrid cancer and to give those who have it, more time.

AND we did it! Thanks to so many of you who hopped on board and bought tickets and shared posts and spread the word. Thank you so very much! AND we will do it all again next year. Emma's legacy must live on and we must wipe this horrid disease out!

We put a little vid from the day and sent it to Tamra, Emma's Mum, a couple of days later for Emma, Serge and the family to see and feel part of...somehow. You can see it below. It's far from polished but it was made with much love.

Emma died on the 8th of April. She was 25. Married to her gorgeous Serge for 3 years. A powerhouse, a force of beauty, kindness and determination. A wicked combo that saw her achieve so much in such a short lifetime. Raising over $100k for Melanoma research and treatments as well as raising awareness to 100's of 1000! Her FUNeral which she had been planning for quite some time is on the 20th April and all in her Dear Melanoma family are invited. Amazing.

Her legacy will touch millions. Thank you Em. Our beautiful girl.

For those of you just tuning in, here's what we did and why. And next year The Pavlova and Prosecco Morning Tea will be on again. Raising funds and awareness to wipe out Melanoma, a horrid disease that has the potential to affect us all.

Until next year. Stay sun safe.


As many of you will know, Emma Betts from Dear Melanoma. She has not only worked with us here at S&S on the Blog raising awareness about Melanoma and Sun Safety. She's been such a champion working hard to raise money and awareness of this disease that affects so many Australian's and young Australians like her.

The Melanoma Institute does amazing work to research and find treatments that give those with Melanoma more time to enjoy life. But there is still much to do to find a cure. Dollars for research is THE best way to do this. That's what Emma taught us. And that's why this year, some of our fund raising efforts will be to support the amazing Jay (himself having had Melanoma) who's on the walk of his life...from Brisbane to Sydney, raising awareness and funds for Melanoma March, the biggest fund raising event for the Institute. Jay's called it The Longest Melanoma March. It kicks off in Brisbane on the 5th March and Emma will cut the ribbon. Come along. It's at Suncorp stadium. The other dollars raised will go to Emma.

Emma's family has set up a charity for her called Love For Emma. She's dying with months to live. We are so damn angry and deeply, deeply saddened that this time has arrived. The money raised for this fund will go directly to helping her with palliative care and to help Serge carry on. Help us help this amazing woman. Please.

Here's what we're doing so far to raise money in March...and there will be more unfolding each week so please check back regularly:

Pavlova & Prosecco Morning Tea - 31st March on the verandah at the new S&S HQ - 60 Fraser's Road, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

2 types of tickets can be bought: $18 to join us on the day, and if you can't a 'wish I was there' virtual ticket can be bought too. All money raised will be split between Emma's fund and Jay's Longest Melanoma March. There will be raffles on the day too that will help raise additional funds. We have set up an Event page with all the details and how to purchase your tickets. Find it here.

Donate Anytime directly to Emma's fund and the Melanoma Institute or our Move For Melanoma Donation page. We will be putting all funds raised into that page into Jay's march for the Institute. Other funds raised will go directly into Love For Emma.

Thanks girls. I know that's a lot to digest, but it's such a big deal and important initiative. We hope you can help out by spreading the word, make a donation and/or buy a ticket.


Pavlova & Prosecco Morning Tea - 31 March 2017 from Anita McLachlan on Vimeo.

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