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Swimsuit Fit Tips for Your Long Torso

Anita McLachlan - 21st September 2023

This tricks many. Finding a swimsuit for a longer torso. Is that you? Better take a look then :)

Hey girls! I hope this finds you well.

"I find it hard to stand up straight in my togs." That's what my gorgeous Mum used to say back in the day (before I set her on the right path).

"Shape before Size every single time". It's a mantra we live by here and want you to adapt it too. Sure, size is important but I don't want you to make your size drive your decision. When it comes to getting the right fit, shape first wins hands down.

If you've been in S&S land for a while you will know that we use 6 Midlife Shapes to help you work out which swimsuit is right for you - Hourglass, Triangle, Diamond, Inverted Triangle, Round and Rectangle. A great place to start. But...there's more to it.

They're shapes based on our Horizontal dimensions (e.g.: wider hips than shoulders), but they don't really take into consideration our Vertical dimensions.

That's where Torso Length comes into play. It's a very popular question I get asked a LOT here..."What swimsuits are best for my Long Torso?" So...let's go there.

Fit Tips For a LONG Torso:
If you find it hard to stand up comfortably in a one piece swimsuit (like my Mum used to feel) then odds on you have a long torso.

Look for styles that have Ruching (gathers) along the side seams. They will expand with you and give you the extra length that you need.

Fully Adjustable Straps - that adjust the entire length of the strap for maximum length. Ties are a great option for that reason too.

Fixed elements are not your friend so much - if you love swimsuits with fixed seams and side panels, then going up a size might help (as long as you don't then have them fit big in the butt or bust by doing that).

A two piece might be your best friend - if you want tummy coverage, look for a longer-length tankini top. One that sits below the hip on a regular 'hourglass' model in a swimsuit picture online.

3 Great SWIMSUIT STYLES for a LONG Torso:
Flexibility is your best friend. Look for that ruching along the side seams and you're well on your way. Here are our best sellers for a longer torso. Helen in the Cossie Confidence Crew is your girl. Here are the styles she loves to wear.

1. Bandeau One Piece: Here it is in Black

2. Ruched Underwire One Piece: With gathered bust cups it is popular for those with a fuller bust and a long torso. For example the Black Honeycomb for an F&G Cup

3. Underwire One Piece: has great torso gathers without the gathers in the bust. Has more coverage about the bust than 2. Like this Dots option which is very popular.

4. Longer Length Tankini Tops will be your best friend if you have 2 sizes or more difference between your top and bottom sizes eg: 16 top and 20 bottoms (that 2 sizes difference in swimsuit speaks) and you like to cover your midsection. If not go for a Bikini!

80% of the tankini tops we have in store are longer-length styles. Here are a few:

  • Scoop Neck tankini top - great for a B/D cup bust and is longer in length. A few different prints and plains in that. Look for 'Scoop Neck' in the name.
  • NEW Bandeau Tiered with its 2 frills under the bust will give extra length too.
  • Trusty 3 Tier - the bottom tier extends the length at the front.

Team them back with a bottom to complete your swim set.

Not Sure of Your Shape? Use our SHAPE & SIZE CALCULATOR!
A custom tool we've developed, you won't find anywhere else. We receive emails all the time from ladies who tell us how helpful it is. Maybe it will help you too. Head here to our Change Room Help section with your tape measure to find your shape.

See some of these togs in action - inside and out. In the past, I have done a Friday Live "Talking Torso's - The Long & The Short Of It" - fit tips and the best togs for them. You can watch the replay of that live here on Facebook. If you'd rather watch it on YouTube, go here.


You can join in the discussion in our private Facebook Group - Women 40+ Self Love, Body Love, Summer Confidence where we'll talk more about it. If you're not a member, that's okay. Just click on the link above and I'll let you in.

Take care.

Anita xx
(Founder & Owner : Sequins and Sand)