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The Best Holiday Travel Clothes: Travel in Comfort, Arrive in Style!

Anita McLachlan - 26th June 2010

Comfort and style are a must have when travelling, particularly on those long haul flights. When you step off the plane you want and need to look your best. Great travelwear will take you from tarmac to lunch. Clever travel wear will effortlessly layer with anything in your suitcase, so you can pack light and right, in complete confidence and control.

Layering is the key. Low mainenance, fabrics in the right colours, absolutely essential.

Fine cotton knits, those with a slight crinkle, cashmere and jersey and are the best fabrics for traveling. Warmth without the bulk and no worries!

Look for neutrals that will mix 'n match with almost anything and complexions, glow. Beautiful warm caramels, biscuits and soft mushroom pinks - perfect for golden girls. Dusky light violets, blues and greys if you are a cool girl who shines in silver.

Lift your look with a scarf. Prints for added lift, plains for those who like to keep it low key. Wear it different ways to change your look. So versatile and suitcase savvy.

Layer over with deeper slates, kahki's or browns and you're well on your way to stepping off in style. Pack your pashmina for a back-up layer of warmth or to snuggle under mid flight and you're set!

Proudly available online, every day from Sequins and Sand.
Shop for it now or before you next take off!

Anita xx

Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.

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