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The Best Swimsuit Styles for Wider Hips and Pear Shapes

Anita McLachlan - 15th August 2018

If you're part of the 'hip' crowd then these womens swimwear and resortwear styles are best for you. Look for features and details that will lift attention towards your beautiful face, and leave those hips alone. Whether you are plus size or not, the same principles apply.

If you're part of the 'hip' crowd then these swimwear and resortwear styles are best for you. Look for features and details that will lift attention towards your beautiful face, and leave those hips alone. Whether you are plus size or not, the same principles apply.

Odds on your shape has its narrowest part higher, under your bust. Swimwear and Resortwear that 'brings it in' there is a winner girls. Remember these words...empire line.

3 Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Keep the attention up about your beautiful face - bust and up.
2. Accentuate your narrowest part - most likely a 'higher waist' just under your bust rather than about your belly button
3. Caress your curves - this is a controversial point...we'll talk about that further down the page.

For Swimwear, consider a darker, plain bottom with a contrasting top that 'pops'. You can 'pop' it with a stunning print, a brighter colour or attention seeking features like frills and ruching.

Smaller Bust - If you have a smaller bust, then these tips are particularly important and I'll add go for a shape in the top that is more triangular. A triangular shape really does boost a bust brilliantly. Crossover ruching, frills and extra details about the bust will help to give them a helping hand and 'balance out' what's going on about those hips. They will also keep the focus up.

Different Sizes Top and Bottom? - A two piece will be your swimwear saviour if your top is a size or two different to your bottom. Getting a onepiece to serve you well both top and bottom is quite tricky. Tankini's are a great option if a Bikini scares the pants off you.

A line styles that gently flare out at the bottom and are more fitted about the bust will give you the extra room in the hip you need and they work like an Empire Line (there's that word).
Triangular Cupped Tankini just like its bikini cousin, triangular shaped tankini tops will work a treat. See the picture below in the Graphic Floral print.

But if you are tempted by a Bikini (and we say go for it!) then the Frilled style with a deep frill and matching high pant is a wonderful style. The depth of the frill is the master of keeping the eyes up. Works bests of a medium to fuller bust.

One of my favourite styles for a 'pear' or 'inverted triangle' shape is the swimdress. And a swimdress that has a narrower bust cup with attention seeking details. The bandeau swimdress from Capriosca Swimwear is a great solution. See it below on the fabulous Chanel with the brilliant white blonde hair. If you have a fuller bust then go for swimdresses that have a darker 'skirt' and all the print action up top. Chanel is in one of those too. The swimdresses we have go up to a size 30. I think swimdresses offer a great coverage solution and their hems finish just below the widest part of your hips which is spot on.

The Controversy.
Deep breath. Let's go. To wear a fuller bottom or a higher leg (and we don't mean 80's style Let's Get Physical!)? And to be honest, I have seen both work brilliantly so I'm still researching this interesting topic!

A slightly higher leg will help to visually lengthen out your legs, no doubt. - avoid a 'boyleg' cut all cost! On this I am 100% convinced. They are called 'boylegs' for a reason. They look great on 'boy shapes'. Think Cameron Diaz...narrow hips and pins. It will visually widen your fuller hips. I know that you'll want to reach for it as it offers extra coverage, and if that is what is going to get you out there diving into your summer, then absolutely go for it! That IS the most important thing of live your best summer :)

Here's the counter point. A fuller pant that hugs your curves looks great! The high waist is flattering. Better than a 'cotton tail' style full brief pant is the Retro style pant with a panel that is sewn over the front to create a uniform hemline. In many ways the hemline at the front is rather like the lines of the swimdress skirt. I think that is why is works well.

The Retro Onepieces look fabulous on pear or inverted triangle shapes! Fiona (one of our Cossie Confidence Crew members) and Chanel both rock theirs. See Fiona in the playful Tiffany Dots print and Chanel is in the Black version. Same cut, different fabric.

If you are a 'pear' shape with wider hips, have you got a view? Please share it below :)

Do with clothing as you would for swimwear, plain and simple. The same considerations apply.
Add colour, print and detailing about the bust and neckline. Accessories like there is no tomorrow up high. Avoid wearing tops that finish at your widest part. Have them sit higher on your hip or beyond to above the knee.

Dresses that skim the hips like A line shapes with more detail up top. Lovely long Maxi's, a must. Rejoice and belt that higher waist!

Enjoy your summer hipsters! I hope these top tips help.

If you'd like to give some of them a go and are not sure, relax, because we offer FREE Returns where we pay for the postage back to us. Always have, always will. Because after selling swimwear online for some 9 years now, we know that is a major concern, so why put it up as a barrier? We are here to make your life easy. AND if you spend more than $150, postage is free in Australia. Overseas? Then it's above $250 AUD.

Need more style selection help? Then fill out a Find Your Fit form, answer a few questions and we will get back to you with what styles we think will work best. Just hit the Free Fitting button on the Home Page.

Thanks girls. Here's to your #cossieconfidence and a wonderful summer.


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