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Cossie Confidence - Helping Women Get In To A Swimsuit & Making Happy Memories

Anita McLachlan - 11th August 2015

Summer. It's eagerly anticipated and much loved in Australia. Summer holidays, very precious. Days at the beach, in the pool, a chance to relax and have fun. But for many women, it's laced with fear, shame and insecurity. Body loathing, eyeballs searing...judging. They're thinking the worst and ultimately, not bothering. For some it's been 15 years or more since putting on a swimsuit. How do we know? Because they tell us. Selling swim and resortwear for 9 years, you learn a few things and this is the big hairy beast in the corner.

And it's not just women in their 40's, 50's and beyond who feel this way. Those in their 20's and 30's do too. Refinery 29 recently surveyed 1000 'millennial' women:

80% felt self conscious and the #1 place they avoid is the beach. Their top 3 body panic moments:
1. Summer Holiday
2. Beach Season &
3. Wedding

Thankfully, more positive, supportive talk is happening. On social media, in blogs, on TV... As it continues to get louder, the opportunity to take action and do more is there; it's now!
Let's help women forget their fear, get into a swimsuit and start making precious summer memories and get behind CossieConfidence!

This summer, our mission is to get more women feeling fabulous about themselves in a cossie. If they can do that, they have the ticket to enjoying their summers and more importantly, making beautiful memories with their families and friends. And, for themselves.

So many women we have met through what we do at Sequins and Sand have astounded us with their stories of shame and insecurity. Of unworthiness and sadness. If you want to bring that loathing out into the open, try and get into a Swimsuit. The mere though of putting on a cossie, for all to see, in bright day light makes many women feel very vulnerable, ashamed and down right scared.

We can't imagine going on a precious summer holiday with family and not being in our togs. Yet these women were. They were in hubby's over-sized T's and baggy boardies to cover up and not feel ashamed; and that's if they went in the water at all. For others, they had flogged the same pair of cossies for years; saggy baggy horrid looking things because they were afraid they weren't worthy of an upgrade, and so they stopped looking. These women were missing out on so much fun with their kids, missing out on making valuable memories for themselves and others because they didn't think they could or should.

Cossies Make a Difference
The right cossies make an even greater difference. Something many of us take for granted. We're the lucky ones. Something so straight forward (so you'd think) but it's not always the case.

And a key ingredient to having a truly fabulous summer holiday, is finding a cossie you can feel great in and joining in.

Ironic isn't it? The great Aussie outdoor lifestyle, celebrated on the beach and in the pool, out of reach for so many women. It's outrageous. It's sad and it has to change.

We're not talking size here either. These feelings are in women of all shapes, sizes, and ages; with very different stories, from all suburbs and states.

How will we do this?

In 2017 we ran a very successful launch of the Cossie Confidence campaign, gathering a crew of 8 gorgeous women, some Brisbane based bloggers, some everyday women but all very passionate about spreading this important message (see the behind the scenes video below). We then created a Destination Summer digital mini mag showcasing these girls in their various shapes and sizes in swimwear that made them feel fabulous. They shared their stories on video in the hope that others would see a bit of themselves in them and that would help guide them along on their journey to Cossie Confidence. And, it worked! So many women would walk into the Sequins and Sand studio in Brisbane and tell us online "I think I'm like.. and I want to try swimwear like that." Boom!

We also had a team of 4 fabulous Brand Reps, also passionate about the Cossie Confidence message: Maz, Jane, Kate and Vita. See them below.

Social media:
By starting a social media movement: #CossieConfidence. A movement that encourages and empowers women to get into their cossies again; lead by example and fueled by proud participation. Posting pictures, enjoying summer holidays, in cossies. Tagging and sharing. Using the usual suspects: Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: CossieConfidence has its own Instagram page now so please hop on over and tune in. It's early days but as they say, from little things big things grow and we'd love to see you there. Here's the Instagram link.

Start a Facebook group so girls can encourage each other, share their stories and grow their confidence together.
Update: This will come as the movement grows.

Advocates and Influencers:
Adding further fuel and getting this important message out there, reaching beyond what we see as possible.

Bloggers, celebs and others who share the #CossieConfidence values and motivation to show the way and encourage those they reach out to, to hop on board and show the way too. So far Nikki Parkinson from Styling You and Jenni Eyles from Styling Curvy have given #CossieConfidence their thumbs up and have already hopped on board. We are absolutely thrilled and can't thank them enough. If there is anyone that you think would do an amazing job at helping fuel this movement, then please let us know. Email us at with the subject "Cossie Confidence" and we'll get back to you. Thank you in advance!

Labels who Care and Don't Airbrush!: Nikki P and Jenni E continue their support with their swimsuit pics. Capriosca Swimwear and sister label Curvy Swimwear are joining in too. Sure, their girls are models that oooze #CossieConfidence but in a media world of slim and airbrushed, these girls are themselves and proud to be size 16 and these labels lead by the amazing Marcia have at their very heart, helping women feel fabulous in sizes 10-26. Thanks guys for all your support. For believing in this cause and kicking us off. We are so very grateful.

What S&S will do?
S&S will 'Captain the cause' to get it going and then nurture it as it grows. BUT, #CossieConfidence is its own 'person' ; whilst S&S is the place of its birth, it's not where it will live, grow and thrive. Its home will be its very own blog to showcase the movement and those getting on board! Stories, photos, conversations.

We will be championing the cause, showing you what this summer's campaign is all about and how you can get involved. We will showcase it on social media and in our newsletters. In the meantime...

Share Your Summer Holiday Snaps
If you've got a cossie you pop on and enjoy your summer days in, then share away on Instagram and hash tag #CossieConfidence. From little things, big things grow. And sharing is supportive. Seeing you making happy memories might just get one holiday girl off the sidelines, diving in to do the same. How wonderful.

If you'd like to chat about your #CossieConfidence contact us at S&S here. It would be our pleasure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's not the usual short but sweet post, but that's because this is not your usual how to, tips and tricks topic. This is summer's 'hairy beast in the corner' and it needs to be shown the door!

Anita & The Girls

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