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How To Wash And Look After Swimwear

Anita McLachlan - 28th November 2019

How Do I Look After My Swimsuit? Can I put it in the washing machine? The short answer is "No". Not even on the delicate cycle. Not if you want your bathers to last longer ladies. Here's why.

Heat is lycra's biggest enemy. Followed very closely by harsh chemicals like Chlorine. Put the two together and you have the perfect storm to damage your swimwear faster.

"But I use a cold wash." Well, that might be so, which is better than using a warm cycle, but the over agitation is not ideal either.

Swimwear doesn't need much to last longer. In fact, the simpler the better!

Here's what we think works best to make your swimwear last longer:

• Don't wear our Swimwear in spas if you want them to last beyond a couple of wears. You'll be wasting your money. Seriously. Buy a cheap pair if you are a going to be wearing them in a hot tub.
• As soon as you can, take it off/out and wash it. Don't leave it rolled up wet. High amounts of Chlorine will damage your swimwear so if you are using your bathers in this kind of environment, this is ultra important.
• Hand wash separately in cold water – dip them in and out changing the water a couple of times.
• Please don't wash swimwear in the washing machine, even on gentle cycle or to spin. It's just too rough.
• Spot clean with a gentle detergent – like one that you'd use on your plants. Please don't use regular detergents as they are too harsh for lycra and coat the fabric. Never bleach your swimwear or soak it.
• Drip dry in the shade - ideally laying it flat on a towel. Some colours may fade in the sunlight.

• Avoid rough surfaces when sitting and lying as your swimwear will catch and pull destroying the fabric.
• Do not iron.
• Do not dry clean.

That sticky stuff from the hygienic lining: Can be removed with gentle detergent rubbed in and rinsed off carefully with luke warm water, just in that spot. It's the only time you should use warm water with your swimsuit.

There you have it!

Look after your swimwear and it will last longer. Keep the swimsuits you love out of hot tubs and spas. Wash them in cold water as soon as you can and dry in the shade. There is a bit more to it but that's the essentials in a nut shell.

Happy summer girls! And if you have any questions about your cossies, we here for you. Just Contact Us and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Anita & The Girls
@ Sequins and Sand