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The Wonders of a Crossover Cossie

Anita McLachlan - 28th October 2023

Have you felt the wonders of a Crossover cossie? Whether it's a One Piece or a Tankini top this style is made to have you feel every bit woman with a dash of sassy...and sexy.

Have you felt the wonders of a Crossover cossie? Whether it's a One Piece or a Tankini top this style is made to have you feel every bit woman with a dash of sassy...and sexy.

Hello girls! How are you? Happy Spring!! Summer is making its way to us here in the southern hemisphere and I can't wait. Can you?

A time to get out there and enjoy our beaches, and our pools with those we love and have fun! Sometimes that fun calls for precious ME time. A weekend away or a longer holiday where YOU get to feel more like you again and shine. A chance to wear a more sassy, sexy cossie to mark the occasion in style.

If you're a Dramatic, Elegant or Feminine style personality then feeling every bit woman is how you love to shine. Feeling sexy in your cossies as you show off your curves and 'assets' :)

The Fit of a Crossover Swimsuit Style is every bit woman as it shows off curves brilliantly, accentuating a waist and keeping the attention very much up with a deep V neckline.

Equally well, if you've lost your waist over the years (or have never really had one) the long diagonal line of the crossover will elongate your torso area and the side gathers will help to visually create a waist for you.

Below are some Crossover Styles you can check at S&S. One pieces and tankini tops. There are subtle differences between these styles so pay close attention so you can work out which is best for you.

Crossover One Piece with an All-Over Print - there are a couple of options here girls.

Maui is the newest cossie on the block. The V neckline is very deep. The crossover effect comes from a small amount of gathers sewn in on the left side seam. The tie then is a decorative addition to finish it off.

At the back, there's a lower scoop back and there's good bum coverage.

Botanica Crossover One Piece is very similar to Maui in its cut. It also has an all-over print BUT it is pool-tough Chlorine-Resistant and does not have the faux tie detail. Because of the lower scoop back and deep V neckline bust support is medium

Crossover One Pieces with Black Bottoms and Back is the next Crossover style we'll take a look at. Same, same but different in that there are black bottoms to these Crossovers. So if you're looking to downplay your hips, the darker bottom and printed 'top' could be a great option for you. The printed panel creates the crossover effect. So if you are a Triangle or Diamond shape this could work for you having a black bottom and printed top the bust isn't too big.

Fit Tips & Features:

  • Waikiki is made for bigger busts - best for a D-G cup.
  • Autumn Leaves - best for C-E cups so slightly smaller bust cup fit
  • Straps ARE fully adjustable on Waikiki but NOT on Autumn leaves so if you want a slightly firmer bust fit, Waikiki could give that to you as you bring them in.
  • Autumn Leaves is pool-tough CRES (Chlorine Resistant), Waikiki is not.
  • Waikiki has a faux tie detail to finish it off. Autumn Leaves have visible gathers.

A More Modest Crossover With Lower Front Panel is what you have with the Crossover Sheath One Piece style. In a more modest style, the print is all over. The V neckline and gathers along the side seam are very similar to the styles above. Here is it in the Botanica print. CRES fabric and comes in sizes up to 26. Best for a D-F Cup.

Crossover Tankini Top. If you'd rather a 2 piece to a 1, then there is a crossover top option for you. In the Autumn Leaves it's such a lovely style. Best for a C-DD cup if you are a Triangle or Diamond shape and need different sizes for the top and bottom with your cossies, this is a great option. Wear a black bottom with it. The cups are not too big either. CRES pool tough fabric.

So there you have it girls. The Crossover Swimsuit style. A few options for you to consider, with fit tips on suitability for your shape and needs. Remember, 'shape before size every time' is the mantra to remember when you're looking for the right swimsuit for you.

Not sure of your shape? No worries. We can help you out there. Start here with our much loved Shape & Size Calculator tool. It's free to use for all our Summer Confidence Society** members. And that's free to join too :) A few clicks and you're in.

To you summer with greater confidence.

Anita xx
Founder: Sequins & Sand + The Summer Confidence Society.

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Anita xx