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Best Selling Black Bathers For Your Shape - Back in Stock!

Anita McLachlan - 23rd June 2019

Black Swimsuits. Black Swimmers. Black Togs. Black One Piece, Tankini, Bikini. Long sleeve Black Rash Vests and bathers too. Whatever you call them, doesn't matter really, as long as they're Black! Isn't that right girls?! For almost 10 years, many of our fabulous cossie customers here at Sequins and Sand, reach for black bathers each season. And that's great. Whatever gets you diving in to live your best summer.

With the colour bit sorted, it's time to focus on the most important aspect, the fit. And that girls, depends on your shape. Trinny and Susannah were right!

The Most Common Shapes: We are all individuals thank goodness! But there are some shapes we fit more of than others. I find the labeling of shapes quite interesting (amusing). See what you think. The trend seems to be moving away from fruit to letters!

1. The Fuller Tummy - can be referred to as Apples or 'O's; with varying bust sizes but the predominant body feature is a fuller tummy.
2. Hippy Chicks - where hips and bums are bigger than what's going on up top often with a (higher), defined waist. Tummies vary from flat to fuller. Referred to as Pears or 'A's.
3. V shapes - where hips are narrow and shoulders wider. Busts vary in size but hips are always narrower. Bums can be flat.
4. The Hourglass girls - have a defined waist with shoulders and hips about the same width; with a flatter tummy or a bit fuller; busts usually proportioned with overall shape. Also called an 'X' shape.
5. Rectangles - not much of a waist and fairly straight through; busts and bellies are fuller together. Referred to as 'H' shapes. Narrower versions are called 'Columns'.

Did you find your shape in any of those 5?

Here are our Best Selling Black Swimsuits for Your Shape.

1. The Fuller Tummy - girls with this shape look for coverage and distraction.

2. Hippy Chicks - girls with this shape look to downplay their hips and bring the attention up with details and oomph about the bust.

  • The Retro One Piece - Sizes 10-22 (but go down a size as it's a generous fit)
  • Lace Up One Piece - Sizes 10-22. Fiona, our Cossie Confidece Crew member for 2 years now, wears this style and loves it on her shape.

3. V shapes - girls with this shape need to ensure a good fit across the narrow hips and wider shoulders/back. Often a 2 piece is needed for this but if a one piece is a must then for years, the Flouncy was our go to:

4. The Hourglass girls - can wear just about any style and are spoiled for choice. But the favourites are:

  • The Scooped Underwire One Piece is a favourite for those with a flatter tummy and don't want the heavily ruching along the tummy. Sizes 10-22
  • The eternally popular Bandeau One Piece looks great on so many shapes. If you are an hourglass and are tummy conscious, then this is THE cossie for you. Sizes 10-22. Our Vita loooooves hers.

5. Rectangles or Column - the classic model shape. Just like our Evie. Create shape with features.

And then there's the Bikini! These are a cracking basic for a C-E Cup and now F & G Cups too! Ultra supportive, with underwire. Great under a Rashie if you don't want to go the full coverage cossie. Under a wetsuit too. Or...just out there on their own. Pair them with your favourite pant for a carefree swimsuit look. Relax. You're on holiday!

I hope that was helpful girls. If you want to know more about each style then click on the links above and read all about them. Many of the listings have videos too so you can see them in action, on a bod. Find them here on our You Tube channel too! Need an extra helping hand? Have a question? Then drop us an email at and we'll help you out.

There's also our new Virtual Swimsuit Fitting Service that's proving very popular. Get that 1:1 attention you're looking for in the convenience of your own home, at a time that suits you. Boom!

Thanks girls. See you in store some time.
Sequins and Sand

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