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Swimsuit Confidence


Hydrotherapy? How to find the right swimsuit for you.

Anita McLachlan - 20th September 2023

Are you in the pool often for health and wellness? Here's how to find the right swimsuit for your important water therapy sessions.

Hello girls. How are you? I hope this finds you well. It's May. Wow. This year is marching on! I swear each year that passes does so at greater speed.

Water Workouts. Are they part of your weekly routine? Whether you're recovering from surgery, or an injury or moving for the wonderful health benefits it brings, exercising in the pool is important. The swimsuits you wear need to work as hard as you do!

The right swimsuit will make a big difference to making the most of that important water time.

Here's what to consider when choosing the best swimwear for your hydrotherapy sessions:

  • Function
  • Fit
  • Fabric

Swimsuits are possibly THE most functional piece of clothing in your closet. What you plan on DOING in your swimsuit should set the priorities for the style of swimsuit that will work best for that activity.

Water workouts are for a short duration. To get the most out of them you will need to focus. A swimsuit that offers the right amount of coverage, that supports your body in the places that you need it most is really important.

The last thing you need is to be distracted by picking it out here and there, tucking in your butt and your bust and hoicking up your straps. Right?

Shape before Size every time. It's a mantra I want you to recite every time you go to choose a swimsuit - wherever you are. Online or in a mall store. With me or with someone else.

When you understand your shape, you can match your features with that of the swimsuit and THAT will get you the support and comfort you need. It will go a long way to feeling confident that the swimsuit you are in, is going to do the job for you too.

Not sure of your Shape? Head here to our Shape & Size Calculator. Put your measurements in and the shape we think you are will magically appear. Then you can dig a little more by reading the supporting articles in the Change Room help section too. The Calculator focuses on 'horizontal' measurements. The articles talk about the 'vertical' stuff - torso length.

Fit Tip For Hydro Workouts... The closer the fit to your body the better. The last thing you need is water getting in and under your cossie. A sleeker, simpler style is the way to go. Now, this may go against what you like to wear to help cover your areas of concern like your tummy, but....tough love here ladies, you need to choose.

What's more important to you? No judgement. Do what is right for you. If you are super concerned about how you look in your cossie and not looking your best is going to stop you from getting into the pool, then go with a fit that satisfies that concern first.

Otherwise, go with a style that is sleeker, firmer fit to keep the distractions at bay.

Fabric Matters:
Heat destroys Lycra and so do chemicals. Public pools are treated with more chemicals than private pools. Hydrotherapy pools are often heated for comfort.

CRES or Chlorine-resistant fabrics are made to withstand the rigours of a pool. If you want your pool suits to last longer, then a 'CRES' option is smarter. Find all of our Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits here.

I also talk about hydro styles and show them to you inside and out in one of my previous recordings of my Lunchtime Live. Find it here on Facebook and here on YouTube.

To your water workouts in comfort and style!

Anita xx
(Founder & Owner : Sequins and Sand)