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Fiji made easy: What to pack for a fabulous Fiji fling

Anita McLachlan - 9th August 2012

Planning a break in beautiful Fiji? Breathe-easy fabrics, flowy loose-fitting styles are your friends. Kaftans and summer dresses, the perfect packing partners. Take the humidity in your stride and keep your tropi-cool with these 5 top tips.

1. Pack natural fabrics
Cottons and silks are perfect – they breathe well in the humidity and will keep you cool. Silk might just be the ultimate travel fabric: it's tough, weighs next to nothing, and will dry in a flash.

2. Take clothes with longer, looser sleeves
Believe it or not, long sleeves actually keep you cooler by allowing the air to circulate and keeping the direct sun off your skin. They also protect your skin from the ageing effects of ultraviolet rays.

Long sleeves are also handy if you're out sight seeing. Fiji is more conservative than many other places in the Pacific, and you'll be more in tune with local culture if you keep that bare skin covered.

3. Consider Air Flow
Summer dresses of all lengths are great for keeping you cool, as they let fresh air circulate around your body. Skirts, whether knee-length or long, will do a better job of keeping you cool than leg-hugging pants or even shorts.

4. Think versatile
Lugging over-stuffed bags around sultry Fiji is the quickest way to lose your tropical cool. Save weight by filling your holiday stash with versatile pieces that will take you from beach to bar in effortless style and grace.

Layering is the key and at night, when it's cooler, or you're in an air-conditioned restaurant, it's the ideal solution.

Kaftans and tunics are fabulous for layering and for shifting your outfit up as day gives way to candlelight. Remember to keep the layering in proportion: the longer the top, the longer the bottom.

The following pieces will serve you well in a wide variety of situations:

  • white/stone palazzo pants will go with just about anything, and the wider leg will keep you cool. Can't do a wide cut? Consider a cotton legging instead.
  • a pair of jeans (paler/mid blue tones will work best) will look great everywhere from airport to air-conditioned restaurant. You've got 'em – might as well flaunt 'em.
  • summer slip dress - think air flow again. Length is important: to the knee, please!
  • a light weight throw or cropped/classic to-the-hip jacket. Denim and other neutral cottons work well. If you are traveling in the dryer and cooler months from May to July, throw in a pashmina. It can get a little cooler at night in these months – and on the plane it will make a fabulous bit of extra coverage to tuck into your hand luggage.
  • metallic/bling sandals or neutral wedges will go with anything. Don't overdo it on the shoes!
  • accessorise, accessorise, accessorise – wooden beads, a dash of flash and colour – they don't take up much room but boy, do they pack a punch, and will transform your day look to night in a snap! Chrissy L does a fabulous range of statement pieces. You'll only need one or two – though trying to stop at two will be a challenge!

5. Don't forget your hat
Choose a hat with the widest brim your face and body shape will handle. A hat will keep the direct sun off your head and face and help to keep you cool. Just as importantly, it keeps those wrinkle-rays at bay!

Here's a few tips on how to pack your hat to ensure it doesn't arrive looking like an oversized prune.

Have you been to Fiji? Got any tips to add to these? Share your words of wisdom via our contact form. We'll publish the best on our blog.

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