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Supporting those with cancer through Bravery Co scarves & turbans

Anita McLachlan - 22nd July 2018

Beautiful Headscarves and Turbans for cancer patients. Bravery Co. In store this summer at Sequins and Sand and part of our Cossie Confidence mission.

"Bravery Co was born to a girl called Emily. A dreamer and a traveller, a collector and a designer, she spent her days as an Art Director in a bubble of colour and happiness. Then she got sick. Real sick. She got cancer. Not once, but twice. And do you know what, she beat it. Not once, but twice.

Inspired by her own experience of chemo, cancer, naps, and turbans, she is hunting headscarves for cancer patients around the world in the hope to give bravery to others going through something she knows only too well."

And she did it!

We bought 10 Designer Collection scarves as part of Bravery Co's crowd funding effort on ING's awesome Dreamstarter initiative. These scarves have been designed by talented illustrators and each come with a story and a 'How to Turban' guide.

Em and I have chatted since and are putting our heads together to bring more of her beautiful scarves to Sequins and Sand and incorporating them into our Cossie Confidence mission for this summer.

You see, every Bravery Co scarf and turban purchased sends 10% of all profits go to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation so we can be done with cancer.

In the meantime, Em has some scarves available now and you can pre-order the Designer Collection too. Do that here on the Bravery Co website.

How wonderful. We can all do our bit to help kick cancer into touch and what a wonderful way to do it.

Thanks Em. You are a champion.