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Resortwear Basics: How to choose Swimwear that fits just right

Anita McLachlan - 1st November 2009

Buying your swimwear online can save huge amounts of time and hassle - but how do you know exactly what size and fit to choose? Use these top tips for finding the perfect piece.

Buying your swimwear online can save huge amounts of time and hassle - but how do you know exactly what size and fit to choose? Use these top tips for finding the perfect piece.

We've all had that horror moment in a fitting room. The cramped cubicle littered with hangers. The lighting that shows up every wrinkle in four different mirrors. The pressure of knowing that you've only got minutes to make your choice, and you're keeping someone outside waiting. Then that awful sinking feeling that once again you're going to have to settle for a swimsuit that you'll look "OK" in.

It's enough to drive a girl to start buying her swimwear on the internet. And why not, when you can choose from the entire world of online swimwear, not just one shop's selection. Plus the fact that you can browse to your heart's content without feeling in the least bit self conscious or hassled.

But without seeing and feeling it in the flesh, it can be a challenge to know which swim suit will be The One – the one that makes you look spectacular, that makes your confidence soar when you step out by the pool or beach. Sure, some stores let you return your purchase for free if it's not right. But how can you give yourself the best chance of getting the right piece, first time?

First, identify the bits of your body that need that bit of extra-special attention. Then, follow these handy tips.

Bothersome Belly:

  • Prints and ruching will help to conceal a tummy.
  • Diagonals should be your new best friend. They will break up the fullness of your middle area. Look for styles that create a diagonal from your shoulder down and across your bust to your waist - often referred to as a 'crossover' style.
  • Tankinis (singlet top style) will give better coverage over your tummy whilst giving you the flexibility and look of a two piece.
  • If you have a full tummy area, your narrowest point is likely to be under your bust, so try and bring more attention to that area. Get those breasts front and centre with underwire or wide band support, and choose a style that nips in just under the bust (the good old Empire line).
  • 'Powernetting' may help to hold you in a little more too.
  • Swimdresses that skim, not cling, will hold you in a little.

Wondrous Waist

  • You can wear just about anything – bikini, tankini, or one piece. But whatever you do, stay clear of Boy Leg styles. Leave those for the athletic, straight-up-and-down-with-no-hips girls.
  • Look for mid-to-higher cut legs to lengthen yours and bring attention to that wondrous waist.
  • Get plenty of bust support to get those assets up and out. Not only will you look fabulous, it will reveal more of your waist and that can only be a good thing.
  • Diagonals that meet on your waist will help emphasise it more
  • 'Powernetting' to nip you in a little.

Trying Thighs:

  • Draw attention upwards to detract from a fuller hip area. Go for a well detailed top and darker colour bottoms.
  • Look for a slightly higher cut leg to lengthen your legs and avoid making your thighs look chunky
  • Consider a swim dress or skirted bottom ('skirtini'). They've come a long way and are a far cry from those 'nanna styles' of old!

What about Busts?:

  • Smaller bust? Look for tops that have great detail and features like a buckle and frills to visually add volume.
  • Removable breast pads for added oomph.
  • Triangle styles are great.
  • Larger bust? Go for halter tie styles with added support. Underwire or a wider band underneath will provide that, as will wider shoulder straps.
  • Tie-up styles are great. You can get the right fit by tightening or loosening to suit.

Finally, always remember to

  • Celebrate your personality and style and choose the colours and prints that best express the real you. That's what will truly make you shine this summer!

Click here if you'd like to see our Swimwear range. Fit Tips are included for every product we sell. And if you need any advice or assistance with finding that perfect piece of swimwear, get in touch: we're here and ready to help!

Written By: Anita McLachlan, founder of Sequins and Sand. Connect with Sequins and Sand on Google+.