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Loved the Water but Hated My Body. Jane's Journey is our next Facebook Live.

Anita McLachlan - 18th March 2018

Hello! We had a wonderful Facebook Live chat with Jane. She is just amazing and we are very lucky to have her happy to chat Body Positivity here at Sequins and Sand. If you'd like to see the video recording from that FB Live, here's the link!:
Sequins and Sand
Getting into a swimsuit was always a torment and massive struggle. She loved the water but hated her body. Jane turned things around (and how!) and it's since become her passion to help other women and teenagers do the same. Join us for a chat this Thursday night when this amazing and infectiously inspiring woman shares her story and insights on how to turn that hate into living life to the full again. She knows. She cares and it shows.

By day, Jane's a Case Worker in the Youth homelessness sector for Samaritans in the Maitland area of NSW and is passionate about keeping Young People in a safe home situation with family or extended family and friends.

And her drive to help others extends beyond that now to helping others with their very deep, raw and pervasive, body issues.

"I remember being 17 when my body issues started. I don't want these young girls to spend their lives hating their bodies. So I took some photos of my self and wrote some steps down to getting swimsuit ready.

Step 1 Buy a Swimsuit.
Step 2 Put it on.
Step 3 Embrace.

This went crazy online and I quickly realised that there were so many others out there that could relate to my message."

"I then started to talk to women 14 through to 70 plus and I found a very strong common link; 99% of the woman I have spoken to have things they dislike about there bodies. Very young girls with their life before them, already choosing not to swim or choosing to cover up at the pool and at the beach."

Jane has since been chosen to be a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador and has recently started running workshops in her local Maitland area talking about body positivity.

She is just amazing and we know, she'll strike a chord with you.

Join us this Thursday night at 7:30pm Brisbane time for a Facebook Live with Jane Gardiner. She is amazing and I know through sharing her story and talking about this very raw topic of body positivity she will continue to make a difference, and you will be changed forever.

Jane's Journey To Cossie Confidence - a Facebook Live Event
When: Thursday, 22nd March, 7:30pm Brisbane time (we will aim to finish at about 8pm)
Where: Facebook Live - on the Click the link Sequins and Sand facebook page.
How: Just go to the Sequins and Sand Facebook page to join us. And you'll need to be a Facebook 'Liker' to see it all. Click the link here to go to our Facebook page.

If you'd like to find Jane on social media you'll find her here on Facebook as a Body Image Movement Ambassador. And here on her personal Facebook page. She dives into live this woman!

Thanks girls. Thanks Jane. It is going to be an amazing event. A difficult subject but one that must be talked about to bring about change for the better, for so many women.


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