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Meet our 5 new Brand Reps! Vita, Anna, Kate, Maz and Jane. Let's go girls!

Anita McLachlan - 28th July 2017

Five fab women. 3 wondrous months. Decked out in stunning swimwear and resortwear. In different shapes and sizes. Showing the way. Encouraging other women to get back into a cossie and make very happy memories this summer and beyond.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and with our own unique stories. Some of us know what we want and dive right in! But many of us don't. For many, that decision to put on a swimsuit is a big deal. For too many it's been far too long, often giving up because they believe they're not worthy. Confidence is absolutely everything when it comes to donning a cossie. And missing out on making precious memories is what happens when girls don't find a swimsuit they feel good in.

We recently did a customer survey and the feedback was overwhelming...women want to see women they can relate to. We are looking for those women!

For 3 weeks we were searching, reading and learning about the 60 or so women who threw their hat in the ring to become a S&S Brand Rep. Woah! It's been amazing. So many wonderful women wanting to get on board for the cause. A million thank yous to each and every one who gave it a go.

It was gleefully challenging. You don't want it to be easy, right? The talent, the intent the stories...made it so difficult to bring it down to just 5. But we said we would, so we did. And here they are! their own words (with their matching pics below).

Vita Vasta: Vita is a 45 year old single Mum from Sydney who loves the beach, travel and outdoors. She's a size 16-18 and has found bathers that she feels confident and comfortable in. Vita loves her bandeau one pieces! "Life's too short to cover up. I love the idea of empowering people to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter what age or size. Get out there and live! x" Vita bella! Find Vita on Instagram and Facebook.

Anna: Anna Shipley is from Melbourne. She's a 12-14 with curves who loves the outdoors. "We love the beach and frequent that a lot. We also spend loads of time at my sister's house; she has a pool. I can show your followers that bathers can look great on. I will show you fun, adventerous and colourful images that depict summer." Anna is on instagram at lifeby2xo and has her own business Sweet Little Dreams. Thanks Anna.

Kate: Kate McFarlane is from waaaaay out west...Christmas Island west! She's a 42 year old Mum of 2 and a curvalicious size 18 (sometimes 16) in bathers. "Sequins and Sand has been a lifesaver for me - with extremely limited shopping options on island I rely on online shopping to keep my wardrobe fresh and fun. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty talented husband who takes amazing photos, and Christmas Island's pristine waters and rainbow sunsets will provide the most amazing backdrop for your products. We also have a trip coming up to beautiful Bali and Singapore. Here's a pic of me on Cocos Island wearing the fantastic folklore roses one piece - it saved from getting completely fried in the sun. I guess I'm already an unofficial island ambassador for Sequins and Sand but I would the love the opportunity to spread the love even further!!" Thanks Kate McF! Find Kate on Facebook and Instagram (as 'katetheislandmum').

Jane: Jane Gardiner. Where to begin. Jane has actually been spreading the essence of the Cossi Confidence message in her role as an Ambassador for the amazing Body Image Movement. "I'm 51 learning to love my body just the way it is. I'm a Body Image Global Ambassador for The Body Image Movement. Last summer my goal was to walk from one end of the beach to the other in just my swimmers no sarong no cover up no T-Shirt. I did it probably ten times. Can't wait for summer making up for all those times I didn't swim cause I hated my body." Boom! There is it right there. Jane hit her goal and has blown it out of the water. Well done Jane. Here's to showing the way with us. We can't wait. Thank you. Find Jane on Facebook as Jane G 'Gardinjane' and Jane Gardiner 'jane.gardiner.37'.

Maz: Marion 'Maz' Saunders has a a wonderful Insta page called Mazlifestyle where her encouraging words, deeds and country life are inspirational. She's a Grandma now too! Maz has already begun her mission to get into cossies and live her summers to the full. "I love summer and spending time in the pool with family and friends. I'm a size 16-18 and there is nothing better than feeling confident in swimmers and clothing that flatters your shape. I love your range and would love the opportunity to help people feel cossie confident around the pool on holidays and start to enjoy life." Welcome Maz. We love what you're about and know so many of our girls will too. Welcome!


What's Next? New swimwear has already begun to land at S&S so the girls will get their 'kits' together shortly and then start posting from the 1st of September.

So please look out for them and give them your support as they carry out their mission to empower other women and show the way to a happy summer. They'll be popping up on their own social pages as well as all S&S facebook and insta pages, newsletter and website. We'll keep you up to date. Here's to your Cossie Confident summer!

Until next time! Thanks so much.

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