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Tammie's Swimsuit Confidence Story

Anita McLachlan - 20th March 2022

Everyone's body confidence story is different. The degrees to which we have concerns and struggles are as varied as we are. Tammie might not have had deep seeded, life long struggles as Maria did (from last week's edition) but she did have concerns that reared their head from time to time. Maybe that's you.

The Cossie Confidence Crew. A group of every day women who gather every year to create and share messages aimed at one thing...encouraging women to get into a swimsuit so they can experience the joys, make the memories, each and every summer.

Tammie joined The Crew last year and was a campaign debutant for our shoot in September 2021.

Before she became a Crew member, we were blessed to have Tammie (with bestie Tatia) lead the Mindset component of Shine, The Summer Retreat. She was awesome. And that is when I first got a glimpse of the cracks in her armour. Putting on a swimsuit was not a comfortable thing for Tammie to do, so of course we found the right one that set her on her way.

As an Occupational Therapist (mental health) Tammie's brilliant at what she does. Working with teens certainly included having conversations about how they feel about their bodies. Love the body you're in...using body positive language and ways to help them overcome these insecurities and concerns.

But it just goes to show, that even the brightest and best of us need a re-set and reminder at times, the encouragement, the reset to feel good about our bodies. And that was the case with Tammie.

When she was asked to participate in the shoot, her mind went straight into protective mode. 'No, I can't do that'. This was her test. Her turn to put into practice what she was encouraging her patients to do. Pushing through and employing a few of the tips she shares with others, Tammie turned up, found her groove and absolutely shone.

Fueled by the example she was setting for her patients and her own kids (she has two primary school aged kids) Tammie push through her insecurities, her self-doubt to prove not only to them, but to herself, that she could.

I'm sure Tammie would be the first to agree, that what helped her achieve her aim on the day, was the support of the other women at the shoot. Having fun with her bestie, Tatia (a seasoned Cossie Confidence campaigner) and leaning into the support of the group, was a very big part of helping her through the day.

The power of group support was something Tammie experienced first hand at Shine, The Summer Retreat. The coming together of a group of strangers, united by purpose, was incredible to behold. Witnessing the transformation of the women who took part, in such a short period of time (4 days) - showcased what's possible.

"If you're not Cossie Confident, you can be." I love that quote from Tammie. Here are her tips for moving forward on your Body Confident, your Cossie Confidence journey.

1. Start small - do small things that stretch but don't strain you, when added together will amount to a lot.

2. Follow positive influences on social media - so that it changes what you see every day (working with those controlling algorithms).

3. Fake it 'till you make it. In a positive way. With positive words. Telling yourself each day that you're gorgeous. Over time, your brain will get the message.

4. Celebrate what you body can do and has done - in Tammie's case, grown and birthed 2 babies, a 60km hike, and day to day.

5. Focus on what makes you, you over and above how you look.

When I was fitting Tammie for the shoot, taking into consideration her shape and the colours that would work best with her personal palette, this is what we chose. The Where To From Here section below is where you can find out more about the cossies we chose and why.

"If you're not Cossie Confident, you can be." Tammie.

You pushed through and shone Tammie. Good on you. On behalf of every woman who sees your photos and smiles, a big 'thank you'. Thank you for showing the possible.

See more of Tammie and The Cossie Confidence Crew here.


If you'd like to feel supported in your summer confidence journey, then I invite you to join our community of like-minded women seeking to do the same. We hang out on social media in our private Facebook group Women 40+, Self Love, Body Love, Summer Confidence.

We also have a paid membership community, The Summer Confidence Society where the transformation from unsure to confident in a swimsuit is possible. Covering Mindset, Style and Wellness it is a wonderful place to learn, connect and grow.

Shop for your Swimsuits and Resortwear over on where you'll find the popular Shape & Size Calculator to get you on your way.

We can't wait to welcome you where ever you'd like to connect.
To your summer confidence.

Founder, Sequins and Sand.