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Pack Light and Right this summer. 7 simple tips show you how.

Anita McLachlan - 1st November 2009

Tip #1: Take time out to plan

Think about what you will be doing on your holiday. There is no point taking hiking boots if you plan to lie on the beach most of the time. Check the weather forecast - the bureau of meteorology ( website is a great place to start.

Tip #2: Ease up on the Shoes

Contrary to popular belief you can get away with 3 pairs of shoes:
*thongs for everyday...on the beach and poolside
*metallic/sparkly sandals or wedges in a classic 'neutral' to dress up any outfit
*runners in case you get a fitness urge

Tip #3: Pack as many accessories as you can

Accessories are the antioxidants of the fashion world. They're small and they pack a BIG punch. They'll effortlessly transform your looks from day to night without compromising on precious luggage space. Kill 2 birds with one them in a clutch or whatever small bag you've packed for that touch of evening glam.

Tip #4: 3 Tops for every Bottom

A great rule of thumb is to pack 3 'tops' to one 'bottom' whether they be shorts, pants/trousers or skirts. Mix and match them to create different looks for the beach, day out and evening. Hang up and air out your 'bottoms' at the end of the day so they are refreshed before their next outing.

Tip #5: Wear the night before, what you'll be wearing the next day

Kaftans are so versatile, they transition from day to night with effortless ease, which means...packing less!

Say it's Monday night and you're heading out to dinner. Just give a moment's thought to what kaftan/tunic you might like to wear on Tuesday and put that on with your full length palazzo pants, wedges and stunning accessories for dinner. Hang it up and out when you return, and've squeezed an extra wear out of your top than if you did it the other way round! Works a treat for long weekends or just a week away.

Tip #6: The right underwear

Flesh coloured undies are perfect and go under any colour clothing – nothing worse than black undies with white trousers! A multiway bra means you don't have to worry about the tops
you take and unsightly straps.

Tip #7: If you don't wear it at home, then don't take it on holiday! Outfits can be transformed but if something doesn't quite fit as it should, it mostly certainly will not fit perfectly on holiday.


We've all been there.

By the time we've sorted the in & out trays, cleaned out the fridge, farmed out the dog, stopped the papers, organised the mail, taken out the garbage, beaten ourselves up about the 4 kgs we promised ourselves we'd lose and never did...then, you have to pack!

Summer holidays are precious, and packing for them, stressful. In our hurry to get it done, we often get it wrong.

It's true that anyone can pack. To Pack Light & Right, well...that's quite an achievement. With these 7 no fail tips, you'll be well on your way to the perfect summer break!

Now go! Live your best summer!
H.G.(Holiday Girl)
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