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Packing tips for any occasion : 4 rules of a happy suitcase

Anita McLachlan - 2nd November 2009

Does the thought of packing for a trip make you break out in hives? Take the panic out of preparation by following these four simple rules – wherever you're going, and for however long.

1. The right underwear
The first rule of packing: don't get your knickers in a knot. Flesh coloured undies are perfect and go under any colour clothing – there's nothing worse than ending up with a black pair of undies and white trousers!
Also stock up on multiway bras, so you don’t have to worry about straps showing everywhere.

2. Ease up on the Shoes
Contrary to popular belief you can get away with 3 pairs of shoes – runners in case you get a fitness urge, sparkly/metallic sandals which will dress up any outfit, and thongs for everyday. All bases covered!

3. More tops than bottoms
As a rule of thumb, take three tops to every bottom.

4. If you don't wear it at home, then don't take it on holiday
Some outfits can take on a new lease of life in a holiday context, but if something doesn’t quite fit as it should it most certainly will not fit perfectly on holiday. Leave behind any item of clothing that's even a fraction too tight, because once you factor in heat and sun creams, it will feel tighter than ever.

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And seeing as we're feeling generous, why don't you grab a free copy of our cheat sheet 'What to Wear for a Week Away – And How to Wear It' – full of great packing pearlers. Download, tick off the list and go, go go!

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