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Have your heard about SelfKind Movement?

Anita McLachlan - 28th October 2023

We continue to explore the benefits of Movement with something quite different. Self-Kind Movement. You will love it.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow?
Movement is Medicine. No doubt. Indeed the World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week (so...say 5x 30-minute sessions), for many health benefits.

But what is often the most difficult thing to do to achieve this, is consistency. Showing up almost every day for that 30-minute minimum session.

The feelings of guilt when we miss a session. 'Do I have to?' The dread when that regular session time comes around and you'd rather be doing something else. Disappointment that leads to self-berating and </b>regret</b>.

"I wonder ... when was the last time you approached your movement and exercise - or, your body - with the qualities of being friendly, generous, and considerate towards yourself?" (Erica Webb)

What a great question. What's your answer?

SelfKind Movement
When Erica introduced the concept of SelfKind Movement to me it was a revelation and it really got me thinking. I enjoy moving my body and I do have a regular routine. But some days are 'going through the motions' and the connection just isn't there.

How often was I exercising because I knew I HAD to, rather than because I WANTED to? How did that make me feel? Disappointed in myself and guilty often made an appearance.

I'll let Erica explain...
"Self-Kind movement is ultimately counter-cultural to the traditional fitness and wellness approach we're all familiar with. It does NOT rely on or promote guilt, shame, body transformation, changing the way you look, striving for perfection, celebrating the grind or the 'go hard or go home' mentality.

Pain is not glorified, punishing yourself in the name of doing 'enough' is not applauded, and you do not have to give over your autonomy or inner knowing in order to succeed.

SelfKind movement flips the teacher-student paradigm on its head and puts YOU in the driver's seat of determining what's right (for you, right now) and 'enough'."

How refreshing is that?!

What Does SelfKind Movement Look Like?

"ANY movement can be SelfKind. Truly. Because self-kind movement is about the intention rather than the execution, the modality, movements and exercises themselves are up to you.

There is no inherently self-kind modality (just because Yoga looks kind, doesn't mean the person doing it is approaching it in a kind way. It's just as easy to beat yourself up over an 'imperfect' downward dog as it is to lament the shaky bicep curls you're doing). It's about HOW we do it, rather than WHAT we're doing.

SelfKind movement - just like self-punishing movement, is an inside thing. And it's a practice thing, in the sense that we get to choose it now and then again and again and again. The traditional messages of exercise are well-embedded for most of us, so it takes practice and patience to keep showing up with kindness."

It's about making that connection between mind and body.

Give It a Go...
Let's give it a go. Take a seat.
"Let whatever is in contact with the floor or furniture really be in connection. Notice what that feels like. Let your shoulders drop, unclench your teeth. Close your eyes if it feels good. Take three slow breaths. Then ask yourself: What do I need now? NOT what should I do now; what do I need - in order to feel connected and nurtured. Just notice what comes. Maybe the answer is crystal clear, maybe it's altogether absent. Just notice.

Then, decide what you can do in response. If the answer is crystal clear but you don't think you can actually do it right now (because maybe time or location is a challenge), figure out what you can do that fits the scenario you find yourself in.

A long walk might become a short one. A yoga class might become three minutes of moving what you can - shoulder circles, ankle rotations, giving yourself a hug. If you have more time and space - great! But don't let a 'lack' of those things stop you from offering yourself kindness right now."

Is SelfKind Movement Letting You Off The Hook?
No at all. It's a paradigm shift in thinking about movement and why we do it. It's a choice. "At it's core, it's about absolute HONESTY and self-integrity. Which is probably why it can feel challenging. it's moving your body even when you don't feel like it; it's building strength in your hips to help you manage joint pain. It's resting when your inner critic tells you you've not earned it."

More SelfKind Movement
Erica has free 25-minute guided SelfKind movement session so that you can explore this concept further.
You'll find it here.

Erica also has a great podcast - it's called Self-Kind with Erica Webb. Listen to it here.

If you want MORE SelfKind movement and mindset tips, make sure to sign up for her Simple Shifts to SelfKind Habits newsletter and find out more about joining her inside the SelfKind Hub - where SelfKind movement and mindset is what they do.

And no. I am not promoting what Erica does for financial gain. No kickbacks here. I truly love and appreciate what she does. Her values are very closely aligned with mine, what we hold dear with Cossie Confidence and indeed, this very newsletter.

They're a breath of fresh air. No punishing and pushing to 'hit those numbers'! It's a 'No Pain No Gain' free approach.

Rather, it's a refreshing way to approach movement as medicine and it might just be the sweet solution you've been looking for.

Make Your Move

Would you like to know more about Erica and her Self-Kind Movement? She's fabulous. Find out about all she does here.

We've also started a podcast together! Yep! 1st July 2024 was our launch date. Here is where you can find the Episodes and where to listen to it.

We can all learn from each other and support each other through midlife.
And remember..."Girl, you are just getting started!"

Anita xx
Founder - Sequins and Sand