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Vietnam Quick Tips | Top 10 Destinations by Travelfish

Anita McLachlan - 21st November 2014

Whether you're heading off to fabulous Vietnam or returning for more, these quick Top 10 tips are worth checking out, and ticking off. Courtesy of the fab team at Thanks guys!

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What not to miss:

  • Sunset floating through Ha Long Bay.
  • Getting measured up for a suit in charming Hoi An.
  • Belting through Saigon by cyclo.
  • Trekking in the northern hills of Sapa.
  • Take a motorbike adventure through the Central Highlands.
  • Hang out in Hanoi for as long as you can manage.

When to visit:

There's no "best" time to visit Vietnam as different parts of the country see very different weather patterns. September through to the end of the year and March and April are the best overall times to visit weather wise, but if you're hitting just one part of the country, check our weather section for more localised advice.


Facebook is banned in Vietnam but those in the know can access it through mobile devices.

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If we've written about a place on, we've been there in person. There are no exceptions to this. Not one.

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