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Capriosca Swimwear - How To Find THE Best Swimsuit For You

Anita McLachlan - 24th June 2011

We think there are basically 2 ways to work out what fit and style is right for you:

  • choose your least favourite body bit (down play that) &
  • focus on your most favourite bit (bring that out)

It seems to be far easier for most of us to focus on the negatives but don't forget the have them!

If it is easier and makes you feel better to start with the negatives then do so. It's better to make a start. The more you experiment, the more you'll discover and accentuating your best bits will become second nature.

Bothersome Belly?
Look For:

  • Prints - masters of distraction and disguise; eyes doesn't know where to focus
  • Ruching or Gathers along the side seam - a gentle concealer
  • Diagonals - to break up the fullness of your middle area. Look for styles that create a diagonal from your shoulder down and across your bust to your 'waist'.
  • 'Powernetting' - to help to hold you in a little
  • Skim not Cling fabrics - often double layered works well

The Capriosca Style for You?

See an example of what we mean in the gallery of images below.

Wondrous Waist? Curvy girls take a bow! Your narrowest part is your waist, flaunt it!
Look For:

  • Mid to higher cut legs to lengthen yours and bring attention to that gorgeous waist.
  • Get plenty of bust support to get those assets up and out. Not only will you look fabulous, it will reveal more of your waist and that can only be a good thing.
  • Clever placement prints will define a waist
  • Diagonals that meet on your waist will help emphasise it more
  • 'Powernetting' to nip you in a little.

The Capriosca Style for You?
Just about anything...but in particular...

  • Go for a Bikini!
  • Crossover Onepiece
  • Bandeau Onepiece. One with fabulous diagonals that emphasise the waist.

See the gallery of images below for examples of what we mean

Trying Thighs:
Look For:

  • A well detailed/printed top and darker colour bottoms. Get the emphasis away from your hips.
  • Look for a slightly higher cut leg to lengthen them and avoid making your thighs look chunkier. Never, ever wear a boy leg cut...please!
  • Consider a Swimdress or Skirted bottom ('skirtini'). They've come along way and are far from those 'nanna styles' of old!

The Capriosca Style for You?

  • Skirted bottom bikini or 'skirtini'
  • Swimdress - to skim not cling and to cover hips a little more

See the gallery of images below.

What about Busts?:

  • Smaller Bust? Look for tops that have great detail and features like a buckle and frills to visually add volume.
  • Removable breast pads for added oomph.
  • Triangle styles are great.
  • Bigger Bust? For a big bust a halter is a must! So is extra support. Underwire or a wider band under the bust will do that as will wider shoulder straps and an inbuilt moulded cup.
  • Tie up styles are great. You can get the right fit by tightening or loosening to suit.

But not matter what, always celebrate your personality and choose the colours and prints that best express the real you. That's what will truly make you shine this summer.

Click here if you'd like to see our Swimwear range. Fit Tips are included on every 'Size & Fit' tab.

Now go find your best styles! Check out the short but sweet video on the latest range of Capriosca Swimwear at Sequins and Sand.

Anita and the Holiday Girls @ Sequins and Sand

Photo gallery: