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How to Find Your Best Swimsuit Print

Anita McLachlan - 25th July 2022

Over 80% of swimsuits we have sold are printed. Sure, black is popular but prints are powerful. Here's why and how you can find your best swimsuit print.

Have you discovered the power of a Printed Swimsuit? If you haven't gone there or if it's been a bit hit and miss for you in the past, let me help you out.

Prints are popular particularly in swimwear because they are the Masters of Disguise. The Kings of Camouflage. Our eyes don't know where to focus when they look at a print. They dart and dance about as they work it out. Handy for a piece of clothing that is more like underwear than outerwear.'s how to work out which print is the best option for you. They are numbered. Those numbers are also in the main image so you can see what I'm talking about.

#1: Colours - are the majority of the colours in the print, the colours that make your eyes shine, your beautiful face light up? Are they in your personal colour palette?
If you're not sure of your colours, then watch this chat I have with Kristi from Style Liberation about how to work out the best colours for you.

#2: Size Of Print - as a general rule of thumb, keep the print proportional to your size ie the smaller your overall size, the smaller the print. A large print on a smaller person can tend to overwhelm. A larger print on a larger person looks great. You get the idea.

#3: Contrast Level - this is a really important one. It goes to the energy level of the print and how vibrant it is. If you love your brights and they suit you, then go for a high contrast level. Girls with a high contrast between hair and skin tend to be able to wear high contrasting, bolder colour prints. eg: dark hair and fair skin.

Equally well, if your hair and skin colouring is closer in tone, then look for prints that do the same...have less contrasting colours.

#4: Dark Vs Light Based Prints - the depth of colour you can wear is important to understand too, particularly if the print shows a lot of the background colour. If it doesn't then it won't matter so much.

If you look good in deeper, darker colours then a black background print is a great starting point. If you are better in lighter colours then start with a lighter background print.

This point is closely related to #3 because the level of contrast in a print is often influenced by its background colour.

#5: Nature of the Print - this one is not often spoken of but it's a significant thing. If the print doesn't suit your Style Personality then you won't feel right in it. It won't feel 'like you'. This is something we teach in our Course and Membership (they're opening up later this year so stay tuned ). If you love your naturals then a botanical print is more your thing. More creative then abstract prints are more to your personality. Dramatic? Animal prints are your friend. A romantic...then smaller florals and dots are more to your taste. There is more to this but you get the idea.

#6: Print Placement - My favourite print tip. Prints will get the attention when placed against a block colour. This is a very handy style trick to remember. If you want to keep the attention up then a great way to do it is to have the print up top and keep the block colour to the bottom. The opposite holds true . As does the sides of a swimsuit. Centre prints will keep the attention there and dark block colours on the sides will recede a little so visually, that's how you create a waist!

Well I could go on but I don't want to overwhelm you, like a print can :)
If you want to know more, I cover off tips like this in my posts and lives on Facebook. I'm about to launch into a new series so I'll see you over there!

Oh! I did promise a tip for those of you who are not fans of prints.

Focus on Features and Texture. Features like its ruching to help camouflage your lumps and bumps (if that's a concern for you). A slight sheen, or a variation in the weave.

Prints are powerful. Here's to finding yours and feeling fabulous in your swimsuit.

If you'd like help to find the swimsuit that's right for you, join us over at Sequins and Sand. The Change Room has a Shape and Size Calculator - a great place to start if you're not sure what you're looking for and the VIP Shopper Club offers 10% off always and a more personalised way to shop.

Anita xx
Your Cossie Whisperer (Cossies are Aussie for Swimming Costume :))