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3 Reasons a Tankini is Best.

Anita McLachlan - 5th March 2022

Hello girls! How are you settling into 2022? I hope your health is okay. Seems Covid is going to land in most households. Take care.
Are you a One Piece or Two Piece fan? I have had quite a few conversations recently with women who say that they persevere with their one pieces even though they're not quite right. It might well be that a one piece is just not going to do the trick and fit you best.

After fitting thousands of women in swimsuits over the past 12 years or so, I can tell you hand on heart that a one-piece is not for everyone. There are some Shapes that are better served by a Tankini, and here's why.

Maybe you can relate to what I have to reveal. If it is. I hope you find this useful. Let's go.

1. Your top half is smaller than your bottom/hips.
Hello beautiful Triangle (Pear) shape girls! For some of you, you will have a rounder tummy shape with your bigger bottom half ( - thank you midlife). If that's you, you're a sparkly Diamond! Perhaps the most common shape we serve here at Sequins and Sand.

Not sure if that's your shape. That's okay. Head here to our Shape & Size Calculator and find out. If you're a Triangle, look for Maria and Tracy from our Cossie Confidence Crew and if you're a Diamond, then Jacqui and Alison are your Crew girls. All our gorgeous Cossie Confidence Crew girls are here in alphabetical order.

If your top half is 2 sizes smaller than your bottom half (eg a 16 top and 20 bottom), then a Tankini is going to give you the best fit. A one piece is very rarely going to fit you well all over if that's the case. Sorry.

I recently talked about how to find the right tankini for a Diamond shape using our new and fabulous Shape & Size Calculator. If you'd like to see how to use it to find the right togs then click here.

2. You find it hard to stand up comfortably in a One Piece.
If you have a long torso figure then it may be harder for you to stand up comfortably in many one piece styles.

If you have a pronounced Round tummy shape then, just like the long torso girls, this may be challenging for you too.

Both of these shapes need extra length. The pronounced round tummy shape needs it to get over and around whilst the long torso shape needs it for straight up and down.

One pieces with generous ruching along the torso will get you there but not all one pieces have that feature. Going up a size might get you over the line, but then it might be too big in some areas. So, it's a Tankini to the rescue! :)

3. You find it hard to quickly get out of a One Piece when it's wet.
Yep! This is a very common reason why women prefer a 2 piece. Quick and easy on and off, particularly when going to the loo! :) When togs are wet, they tend to 'stick' to your skin so if you need a fast or easy 'exit' then a 2 piece is a practical solution.
And we're all about making life easy.

Well there you have it. I could add a couple more like 'mix n match' flexibility and greater versatility (wearing the tankini top as a top out and about) but...let's keep it simple as we warm up into 2022.

See you on the lines. Take care. Stay connected. If you have any questions or comments about what's above or coming up, then please drop me a line at - I'd love to know.

Anita xx